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Honda is building a hybrid version of it's Civic, which has been available in Japan since December 2001, and will be offered in Europe and North America in spring 2002, as a 2003 model.

As a four-door, five seat sedan, the hybrid Civic's format will have wider market appeal than the 2-seater Insight. This will give Honda customers three distinct hybrid models to choose from - the 5-speed Insight, the CVT automatic Insight, and the CVT automatic hybrid Civic.

However, it is a mistake to call the hybrid Civic a four-door Insight. While the Civic will get the IMA hybrid technology that was proven in the Insight, it won't get the Insight's advanced body construction and aerodynamics. As such, Honda is expecting fuel efficiency to "only" be around 50 MPG. The Civic also won't be as "clean" as the Insight, with higher carbon dioxide emissions, and when compared with the CVT Insight, also worse HC/CO/NOx emissions. However, the hybrid Civic will be somewhat more "green" than the conventional Civic.

Interrestingly, as a steel-bodied, five-seat hybrid sedan, the IMA Civic will give Honda a car that will compete much more directly with Toyota's Prius than the Insight does. After the introduction of the IMA Civic, U.S. Honda expects to sell "at least 12,000 hybrid Civics a year, in addition to 5,000 hybrid Insights."

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Honda Insight Honda Civic Hybrid
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Emissions & Efficiency

EPA Overall Green Vehicle Rating

(Among Subcompacts)

Energy Efficiency
(city/hwy mileage)

61 / 70 mpg (5 spd)
57 / 56 mpg (CVT)
Honda's estimated avg:
50 mpg

HC, CO & NOx Emissions
(As measured by xxLEV Standards)

ULEV (5 spd)

EPA Smog-Forming Emissions Test
(lbs / 15,000mi)

7.9 - 11 (5 spd)
Less than 1.0 (CVT)
7.9 - 11 (Estimate)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions
(Not measured by xxLEV)

3.1 t/yr (5 spd)
3.4 t/yr (CVT)
~ 3.9 t/yr


~690 mi ~660 mi

Acceleration, 0-60mph

10.5 sec. -


3 door, 2 seat coupe 4 door, 5 seat sedan


5 speed manual or
CVT Automatic
5 speed manual or
CVT Automatic


gas/electric hybrid
gas/electric hybrid

Body Construction

Aluminum alloy monocoque Conventional steel body

Aerodynamic Drag

0.25 cd -
(U.S. Dollars)
$19,080 - 5 spd, no A/C
$20,280 - 5 spd, A/C

$21,280 - CVT
U.S. - less than $20,000
Japan - 2,090,000 Yen
(about 90,000 les than Prius)

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