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Model Year & Paint Color Guide

This table details all known differences between each year's Insight model, including when and where each of the 8 Insight paint colors have been offered. There are no new options for 2003 vehicles.

2000 2001 2002
Major Changes Introduced: Starting in 2001:
  • CVT Automatic transmission introduced in U.S.A. late May.
  • U.S. MSRP increased by $100
  • Citrus Yellow color discontinued
  • Monte Carlo Blue introduced in Japan, U.S.A.
  • Oxygen Blue Metallic discontinued in Japan & Europe, introduced to Canada as Aquamarine Blue Metallic
  • Grand Prix White introduced in Japan
  • Introduced in Australia, and reportedly also in France
Starting in 2002:
  • CVT transmission introduced in Canada
  • U.S. MSRP increased by $200 on base model (5 speed without A/C), $100 on other models
  • "Silverstone Metallic" color replaced by "Sebring Silver"
  • In Canada, "Aquamarine Blue Metallic" replaced by "Monte Carlo Blue"
VIN: JHMZE13xxYTxxxxxx JHMZE13xx1Txxxxxx JHMZE13xx2Txxxxxx
Countries & Dates First Sold: Canada - May '00
Germany - mid '00
Japan - Nov '99
U.K. - mid '00
U.S.A. - Dec '99
- early '01
U.S.A. - Jan '01
Germany, France (?)

5-Spd Trans: All Countries
CVT Auto Trans: Japan Japan, U.S.A. Japan, U.S.A., Canada
Owner's Manual Changes: Very Minor changes, except maintenance recommendations now say to:
  • Replace engine coolant after 120,000 mi / 192,000 km / 10 years, rather than after 45,000 mi / 72,000 km / 3 years. The recommended coolant list in the service manual is now Honda all season Antifreeze/Coolant type 2.
  • Replace brake fluid every 3 years regardless of mileage, rather than saying every 3 years or after 45,000 mi / 72,000 km
Rear Wheel Skirt Bolts: Steel, silver colored
(until they rust)
Black, rust resistant
New Clips: Certain clips (not visible) that fasten a few pieces have been added/altered/removed. The roof molding clips have been lengthened, and half of them eliminated, to make windshield replacement easier. Also, a quarter glass fastener was added, and two clips have been added that fasten the rear portion of the headliner.
Colors Offered:

Citrus Yellow Metallic
Paint Code: GY-22M
All Countries

New Formula Red
/ Milano Red

Paint Code: R-510
[Another picture]
All Countries

Silverstone Metallic
Paint Code: NH-630M
[Another picture]
All Countries

Sebring Silver
[Another picture]
All Countries

Quantum Grey Metallic
Paint Code: NH-629M
Europe, Japan

Oxygen Blue Metallic
/ Aqua Marine Blue Metallic
Paint Code: B-98M
Europe, Japan
(as "
Oxygen Blue Metallic")
(renamed "
Aquamarine Blue Metallic")

Monte Carlo Blue Pearl
Paint Code: B-66P
[Another picture]
Japan, U.S.A. All Countries

Grand Prix White
2000 2001 2002

Except for changes in paint color choices and introduction of the CVT model in different countries, the differences from one year to the next are very minor. If you are looking for an Insight and find an older one at a good price, don't hesitate to buy it for fear that you're missing out on improvements made since then.

Chart of Official Honda Accessories

The table below shows the accessories that Honda has made available for the Insight, along with comments on which accessories owners find most useful, and other information pertaining to these accessories.

While you can order these accessories through your dealer and have them install them, they are also available online from companies such as, generally for significantly below the MSRP price listed here. The easiest way to order from is if you have the part number. Where I know it, I've listed the part numbers in the table.

Accessory Availability & Price (MSRP)
Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system is fully integrated with the automatic climate control system. The system features a micro-filtration system, an economy mode and CFC-free coolant.

The air conditioning is available in some areas as a dealer-installed accessory. Honda also makes Insight's with factory-installed A/C. You can determine whether your Insight had the A/C installed in the factory at the time of manufacture from the VIN.

Canada Japan
CD Changer

This six-disc CD changer fits into a "special pocket" in the cargo area, and is controlled by the standard AM/FM cassette stereo installed in the dashboard.

Also available are extra CD Magazines (part #08A06-161-42002, $33).

acccd.jpg (3195 bytes)

Canada Japan
Rear Speaker Kit (part #08A54-S3Y-100)

These speakers fit into holes immediately behind the seats. The kit includes speaker grills.

While these speakers certainly do improve the sound, some owners feel that it is more worthwhile to instead replace the factory speakers mounted in the door.

Rear Speakers

Canada Japan
Security System (part #s 08E51-S84-100 & 08E55-S3Y-100)

A remote-controlled security system, this features a glass break sensor, and honking horn alarm.

This is a standard Honda security system (part # 08E51-S84-100), with a special mounting kit for the Insight (Insight mounting kit is $87.88 from, part #08E55-S3Y-100.

Canada Japan
Floor Mats (driver side: part #08P15-S3Y-100, passenger: 08P15-S3Y-100F)

These 18 ounce carpet floor mats are color matched to the Insight interior. The floor mats are held in place by rubber-nibbed backing and an "integrated mounting bracket and grommet". A cable yarn bound edge prevents fraying.

accmats.jpg (3274 bytes)

Canada Japan
Cargo Mat

Also color matched to the Insight interior, this mat features serged-edge binding to prevent fraying. A non-slip rubber backing holds the mat in place.

This mat should help to protect the somewhat flimsy looking cargo area liner, but makes access to the under-floor cargo box a little trickier.

Canada Japan
Cargo Net

This net attaches to tie-downs in the cargo area, and is designed to keep items from sliding around. It can either be used to hold items down, or to suspend items "hammock-style".

Cargo Net

Canada Japan
Cargo Bag

This cargo bag hooks to the same anchors that can be used to hold the cargo net. Like the net, the cargo bag keeps items from moving around, but the bag also keeps items out of view.

Cargo Bag

Canada Japan

This optional ashtray is sized to fit into the cup holder.

Canada Japan
Cigarette Lighter

An optional cigarette lighter is available.

Installation of this cigarette lighter also requires replacement of the lighter socket and use of a larger sized fuse.

Canada Japan
Car Cover

This custom-shaped car cover protects the Insight when parked.

Insight Car Cover

Seat Covers

For those outside of Japan, a number of Insight owners have been in discussions with a California-based seat cover manufacturer to get custom sized seat covers made for the Insight. Stay tuned for more information!

Child Booster Seat

Trash Bin

accbin.jpg (2070 bytes)

Japan (2800)
Pedal Light Kit

This might be considered tacky outside of Japan.

accpedallight.jpg (2149 bytes)

Ultrasonic Parking Sensors

These appear as small black discs mounted on the corners of front or rear bumpers. Helpful for getting in those tight Tokyo parking spaces.

IMA Decals

These include both English and Japanese writing.

Tire Chain Kit

accchains.jpg (13887 bytes)


Favourite Non-Honda Accessories

Driver's Footrest Carpet Protectors

      acc-sand-carpet-prot2.jpg (66018 bytes)

These metal plates fit over the bump-out that isn't covered by the standard Insight floor mats.

Available from: Sandusky Bay Metals

Q: Is a bra available for the Insight?

A: Perfect Fit Car Bras has developed a Bra design to fit the Insight. This is a two-piece front mask, priced in the neighborhood of $85 USD.

Another option is 3M's "invisible bra" - a clear film that can be applied to the front bumper and hood to protect them from stone chips, etc. This film could also be used on other parts of the car that are subject to wear & tear, such as the bottom of the door frame.

3M provides some information about this product on their web site.

Here is some more information, as provided by Bob Brown on the Insight mailing list:

1. The product is called '3M Paint Protection Film' and it should be applied by a professional, as in a detailer or auto dealer detail shop.It is removable but not reusable.

2. 'The 3M Paint Protection Film' can be purchased any NAPA parts house. It cannot be purchased direct from 3M.

The NAPA sales clerk may say that they don't carry it. Have him look in his catalog for the NAPA parts numbers below.

3. The film is two part and is applied with water and squeegee, then fine towels. Directions are available.

4. Here are the sizes available from 3M:

2" x 40 yds.
4" x 40 yds.
6" x 40 yds.
12" x 40 yds.
24" x 40 yds.

6" x 20 yds.
12" x 20 yds.

Strips (NAPA part#)
4" x 84" (#84904)
6" x 84" (#84906)
12" x 84" (#84911)

Q: Is a cruise-control available for the Insight?

A: Honda does not offer a cruise-control. At least one aftermarket cruise control unit can be made to work with the Insight. See the projects and modifications page for information from George Yeager about the process he went through to installed an aftermarket cruise-control in his Insight. Although it wasn't a simple undertaking, George was able to do this without any permanent modifications to the Insight.

Q: Will the remote entry still work if I replace the stereo system?

A: Yes. The radio receiver for the remote entry system is separate from the stereo system.


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