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Purchasing & Warranty Information

Warranty & Costs
Warranty information
Maintenance costs
How much will it cost to replace the battery?
Clean-vehicle tax incentives
What price should I actually expect to pay?

CVT Automatic vs. 5-Speed Versions
What is the 'CVT' transmission?
CVT vs. 5-Speed Comparison Chart
CVT Owners Impressions
Why is the CVT's Fuel Efficiency Lower?

Options & Models
Model Year & Paint Color Guide

Chart of Official Honda Accessories
Favourite Non-Honda Accessories
Is a bra available for the Insight?
Is a cruise-control available for the Insight?
Will the remote entry still work if I replace the stereo system?

Availability & Sales
Sales Statistics
Where is the Insight being sold, and at what price?
Where can I test drive an Insight?

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