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Sites About Hybrids In General

Two sites from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Hybrid Center offers resources of interest to hybrid car owners and enthusiasts, while Hybrid Blog features the latest industry news and related articles.

A site featuring a number of existing hybrids and concept cars.

Lorin Thwait's evaluation of the current hybrid car market, in particular comparing the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius.

Sites About New Vehicle Technologies

  • EV World (

    Contains a variety of articles and information primarily pertaining to electric vehicles.

  • (

    Includes car rankings and intelligent analysis of what makes one car "greener" than another.

  • Automotive Aluminum (

    This web site provides information on the advantages of using aluminum in automobiles. Be aware that this web site is maintained by The Aluminum Association, a consortium of aluminum manufacturers, and so may provide a biased perspective.

Official Honda Web Sites

  • Insight Information on Honda's UK Web Site (

    Includes an excellent article with much information about the Insight.

  • Honda's German Web Site (

    Includes some interesting pictures of the blue Insight with different wheels.

  • Insight Information on Honda's Japanese Web Site (

    There are a lot of pictures and technical information (in Japanese) here.

General Honda News & Information

  • Honda news from (

    The best online source for the latest news and rumors about all things Honda.

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