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Energy flow from gas engine to wheels
& from battery to electric motor to wheels
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Regenerative Braking & Fuel Cut
Idle Stop (engine off)

During acceleration and other high load conditions such as climbing a steep slope, current from the Battery Module is converted to AC by the MDM and supplied to the IMA Motor, which then functions as a motor. The IMA Motor's output is used together with the gasoline engine's output so that power available for acceleration is maximized.

The amount of electric motor assist will vary depending on the load and throttle position. Under light acceleration the electric motor only operates at partial assist, while under heavy acceleration the electric motor operates at its full capacity. The instrument display will indicate the degree of assist on the assist/charge gauge.

During acceleration the 12v electrical system is fed power from the Battery Module, via the DC-DC converter. The 12v battery is charged as necessary.

When the remaining battery State of Charge is very low, but not at the minimum level, assist will only be available during wide open throttle acceleration. When the remaining State of Charge is reduced to the minimum level, no assist will be provided. Instead, the IMA system will generate energy only to supply the vehicle's 12v system. This maximizes the gasoline engine output available for acceleration.


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