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The Battery Module uses nickel metal hydride (NiMH) technology for high energy density and long service life.

The battery is manufactured by Panasonic EV Energy and weighs only 48 lbs. or 22 kg. Its operating temperature range is -30C degrees ~ +60C degrees. The Battery Module is only available as a complete assembly.

The Battery Module is constructed in a modular form. The individual NiMH cells are same size as standard D cells. Constructing the module from standard sized cells should help to ensure cost-effective and continued availability of the battery module components.

The picture above shows the arrangement of these cells, which are grouped together in sealed packages of two cells each, positioned end-to-end. That is, the arrangement is 6 cells across by 3 cells high by 7 cells deep, with the rearmost row being only 2 cells high, for a total of 120 cells.

The cells each have a voltage of 1.2v, and are connected in series for a Battery Module terminal voltage of 144V. The Battery Module's rated capacity is 6.5 Ah, resulting in a storage capacity of .936 kWh.

If Battery Module service is required, refer to the Service Manual as serious injury or even death can occur if high voltage safety precautions are not observed. High voltage wires and cables are covered with orange plastic shielding or tape. Never casually handle any orange wiring or the component connected to it!

The Battery Module is used to supply the high voltage to the IMA Motor during the assist mode. The Battery Module is also used to store the re-generated power in the cruising, deceleration and braking modes. Battery Module energy may also be used to charge the conventional 12V battery located in the engine compartment that operates the vehicle's 12V system.

The battery module cell groups are connected in series to the terminal plate, located on the side of the Battery Module.

The Battery Module contains 10 voltage sensors and 4 temperature sensors that send data to the Battery Condition Monitor (BCM).

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