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Dacro Coated Bolts

Bolts that make contact with the aluminum body or aluminum suspension components have a special Dacro coating to prevent corrosion between two dissimilar metals. If these bolts are removed, the Dacro coating is destroyed. Consequently, the Dacro coated bolts must be replaced once they are removed.

These bolts can be identified by the light green color of the Dacro coating.

Body Repair Techniques

Anyone performing service or repair of the aluminum body must be familiar with pertinent information in the Service Manual and Body Repair Manual. The information below is by no means complete repair procedures; it is simply provided to give you some of the key procedures that should be followed if you ever have someone carry out repairs on your Insight's body.


1. Wash and grind the welding zone.
2. Confirm welding conditions before welding, using a test piece.
3. Use A5356WY for the welding wire.
4. Use argon 100% for shielding gas.
5. Do not perform any type of brazing or acetylene welding.
6. Welding repairs should be done by MIG welding only.

Sheet Metal

1. Always replace any structural parts that have been damaged. Do not attempt to repair.
2. Do not solder mold any part.
3. Do not heat shrink any part.
4. Use only the repair tools specially designed for aluminum vehicles.


1. Use only the repair tools specially designed for aluminum vehicles.
2. Use only wire brushes made of stainless steel.


Use only the specified screws, bolts and nuts (Dacro coated and "torka" coated).


1. After completion of any "drawing" or pulling, welding or panel replacement, conduct a fatigue crack inspection of all areas.
2. Perform measuring operations.

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