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The Insight uses an industry standard OBD-II onboard diagnostics system.

This system allows standard OBD-II diagnostic tools (including OBD-II software and connector cable available for Windows PCs; see below) to be connected to the Insight's engine control computer. This allows access to a wide range of real time performance and status information from the Insight. It also allows access to the log of any "DTC" codes that the computer records when the "Check Engine Light" (also referred to as MIL or Malfunction Indicator Lamp) is turned on.

There are three variations on the OBD-II system, all of which follow the same SAE J1979 command set standard, but with different electrical connection protocols. The Insight uses the ISO 9141 electrical connection standard, which is used by most European & Asian auto manufacturers, in addition to Chrysler in North America.

The location of the Insight's data link connector is shown in the diagram below.

ODB-II Scanner Software for PCs

ODB-II software is available, which can be installed on a laptop or other Window PC. With this software, together with a connector cable sold for use with this software, it is possible to access a wide range of performance, diagnostic and other information from the Insight's engine control computer (ECM).

Two sources we know of for such software are:

  • - This is the cheaper alternative, written by Alex Peper, is available right now, and we can confirm that it does work with the Insight.

  • - This scanner, called Autotap is not yet available for the ISO 9141 protocol used by the Insight.

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