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To minimize energy losses, friction between moving parts is minimized by utilizing the following features:

  • Offset cylinder construction
  • In the interest of friction reduction, Honda engineers specified a new lightweight aluminum-alloy piston design for the IMA engine. The pistons have a minimal skirt area and the surface of the skirt has been shot-peened. Shot-peening is a process in which a metal part, such as a piston or connecting rod, is blasted with shot-like particles, creating uniform, microscopic dimples on the surface. This dimpled surface is better able to retain a lubricating oil film. Shot-peening the IMA engine's pistons accounts for another 1.5- to 2.0-percent reduction in internal friction.
  • Rocker arms are fitted with rollers that minimize friction on the cam's contact surfaces.
  • OW20 friction-reducing engine oil

The overall load on the engine is reduced by using electric power steering. It is also reduced by the elimination of a conventional alternator, instead using the IMA system's DC-DC Converter to power all electrical accessories from IMA Motor/Generator power.

Rocker arms fitted with rollers

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