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The Insight uses a Macpherson Strut type front suspension withstabilizer bars (0.66 inch). The front suspension geometry has been optimized to exhibit minimal changes in toe and camber throughout its travel, giving the Insight responsive handling, excellent stability and a smooth ride.

This differs from the typical Honda double wishbone design. In this design, the damper body is used as a suspension member, performing the function of an upper control arm. The top of the strut mounts to the body using a bearing so it can turn with the steering knuckle. The elimination of the upper control arm saves weight and also reduces intrusion into the engine compartment.

The system is also very compact-both of the lower arm's inner pickup points are connected to the same reinforced, cast-aluminum mounting.

At the lower end, the strut mounts solidly to the steering knuckle, locating it vertically. The lower end of the knuckle mounts to a lower control arm. On the Insight, the knuckle and lower control arm are aluminum forgings, providing maximum strength but minimizing unsprung weight. Weight is also saved by using a hollow front-struct damper rod.

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