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The Honda Insight's cylinder head has a unique, cast-in exhaust manifold that saves weight and increases exhaust heat retention.

The exhaust ports are located inside the cylinder head and are surrounded by a water jacket. As coolant passes through the jacket, its temperature is increased by the exhaust heat.

The individual exhaust-manifold runners are part of the head casting, just like the exhaust ports. The shape and length of the manifold runners is optimized for efficient flow, and the system offers the advantages of faster heat transfer to the catalyst, for faster lightoff. This decreases exhaust emissions and increases fuel efficiency. Eliminating the need for a separate exhaust manifold also increases manufacturing efficiency, and offers greater compactness and lower engine weight. The IMA engine is the world's first production gasoline engine to use an integrated exhaust manifold.

New spark plug positions and other innovations yield compact combustion chambers.

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