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No Energy Flow
(Vehicle stationary, coasting or decelerating)
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Regenerative Braking & Fuel Cut
bullet.jpg (930 bytes) Idle Stop (engine off)

To prevent unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, the Insight's gasoline engine is turned off when there is no need for propulsion or air conditioning. During typical deceleration, the regenerative braking and fuel cut mode begin as soon as the driver begins to decelerate. When the engine speed slows down to about 1000 rpm, regenerative braking will stop, and the driver will typically switch into neutral. At this point, the fuel may be needed if the IMA system determines that there is a need to keep the engine running (idling).

After the vehicle speed drops below 30 km/h (19 mph), idle stop mode will typically be triggered, and the gasoline engine will stop turning. The engine will typically remain off until the transmission is put into first to begin accelerating again. Restart is performed instantly and very quietly and smoothly using the IMA motor.

Conditions for Engine Shutdown

While reducing vehicle speed, the engine stops itself automatically under these conditions:

  • The vehicle speed is less than 30 km/h and the the brake pedal is pressed, or vehicle speed is less than 5 km/h
  • The transmission is in any gear, except 1st, before slowing down
  • The clutch is disengaged or neutral position is now selected
  • The engine speed is less than 1000 rpm

If the brake pedal is released while the Insight is slowing down, the engine starts again instantly, unless vehicle speed is below a certain speed. Even in this case, the engine will be restarted if a gear is selected or the gas pedal is touched.

Idle stop will not take place in any of the following conditions:

  • The engine has not yet had time to warm up
  • The transmission is in reverse gear
  • The Battery Module is not charged sufficiently to restart the engine using the IMA Motor
  • If the IMA-ECU detects stop-and-go traffic conditions (e.g. if the transmission has not been switch out of first since the car was last stopped).

Also, climate control mode will affect whether or not idle stop is performed. In Auto mode, the engine will be allowed to continue running to operate the air conditioning compressor. In Econ mode, idle stop may occur, possibly causing the air conditioning compressor to temporarily stop. See the climate control page for more information.

Conditions for Engine Restart

The engine is restarted when:

  • A gear is selected with the clutch disengaged, or
  • The brake pedal is release during deceleration, or
  • The accelerator pedal is depressed with the clutch disengaged and/or the transmissions neutral position selected, or
  • Master brake cylinder pressure becomes low, or
  • Battery Module's remaining charge decreases to a certain level with the clutch disengaged and/or the transmission's neutral position selected.

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