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Junction Board DC-DC Converter Power Control Unit Cooling Fan Battery Module Cooling Fan Heat Sink Motor Drive Module (MDM) Battery Module Battery Condition Monitor (BCM) Motor Control Module (MCM)

This view shows the contents of the "IPU" compartment, immediately behind the driver and passenger seats. This compartment contains the following components:

  • The Motor Control Module (MCM): This is the metal box located in the upper right corner, which controls when the motor operates in assist or regeneration mode, and controls the degree of assist/regeneration.
  • The Battery Condition Module (BCM): This it the metal box to the left of the MCM, just right of center. This tracks the battery state of charge and decides how much energy can be supplied to or delivered from the battery.
  • The Battery Module: Located below the MCM and BCM, this is the Insight's 144 volt primary battery pack.
  • The Battery Module cooling fan, located in the bottom right portion of the picture. This two speed fan draws air from the cabin, behind the right seat, and pulls it through the battery pack.
  • The Motor Drive Module (MDM): This is the component   located in the upper left corner of the picture. The Motor Drive Module contains the switching electronics used to bidirectionally-directionally send power between the Battery Module and the IMA Motor, based on instructions provided to it by the Motor Control Module (MCM).
  • Heat  Sink: This is the duller colored component located next to the MDM, which absorbs and dissipates heat produced by the MDM and DC-DC Converter. 
  • DC-DC Converter: This is the component located to the right of the Heat Sink. The DC-DC Converter converts the 144 volt power supplied by the IMA motor and/or Battery Module into 12 volts to supply the Insight's conventional 12 volt accessories.
  • Power Control Unit (PCU): The MDM, Heat Sink and DC-DC Converter are collectively known as the Power Control Unit.
  • PCU Cooling Fan: This is located in front of the heat sink, and draws air through the heat sink to aid in cooling of the PCU.
  • Junction Board: This is the black component, located to the right of the DC-DC Converter, and is actually part of the Battery Module assembly. The Junction Board contains the battery module switch, along with contactors that are used to connect the Battery Module to the electronics when the Insight is turned on.

Power is carried between the components in the "IPU" compartment behind the seats and the IMA electric motor under the hood by three orange cables than run below the floor, under the left seat.

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