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Click on the image below for a 360 degree view of the Insight's interior (requires QuickTime VR).

QuickTime VR 360 degree view of interior

Interior Features

The interior of the Insight is well equipped, with automatic climate control, power windows, power mirrors and power door locks with keyless entry. An anti-theft system prevents the car from starting without receiving a unique code transmitted from the key. AM/FM stereo cassette is standard, with an optional CD changer being available through Honda dealers. Seats provide basic forward-back and seatback reclining positioning, and include integral head restraints.

Outward visibility, sightlines and control placement are designed to enhance driver concentration and ease of movement. Honda designers have also designed the Insight's interior to be comfortable and relaxing. The high-backed bucket seats are highly supportive to help minimize fatigue during long periods of driving.

The interior is fully carpeted and upholstered, and a variety of patterns and textures are used to create a high-tech but comfortable look. The instrument panel has a two-tone, black-and-gray finish.

The door inserts are fabric-upholstered and incorporate armrests, passenger-assist grips, speakers and power door-lock controls. The padded, three-spoke steering wheel is the same design used on the Honda S2000 sports car.

Cargo / Storage Facilities

The Insight provides the following area for cargo and storage:

  • Main cargo area, behind the seats.
  • 1.5 cu ft (48 liter) hidden cargo bin, located below the floor
  • 274 cubic inch passenger side glove compartment
  • Driver side storage compartment
  • Seat back pocket and centrally located net pocket

Depending on the seat position, the spaces immediately behind the seats and the spaces below the seats could also be used for storage. If this is done, care must be taken not to block the battery cooling air inlet behind the passenger seat, nor the wires that run between the seatbelt and the floor.

j00-trunk.jpg (14757 bytes)

To assist in holding cargo in place, the cargo area is equipped with D-rings in four corners to which a cargo net or cargo bag may be hooked.

cargobag.jpg (8972 bytes)   cargonet.jpg (9706 bytes)

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