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Engine Oil

The Insight uses an API SJ rated oil with an SAE 0W-20 viscosity.

For maximum fuel economy this oil should be used.


Remove the rear wheel skirts and the roof mounted antenna before driving in any automated car washes equipped with tire scrubbing type brushes. The rear wheel skirts can be removed by turning the two stud fasteners located at the front and rear of the skirt.

Vehicle Lift Points

The Insight's plastic and aluminum body parts can be easily damaged if it is not raised at the proper lift points. There are three reinforced lift points (Front, Mid and Rear) on the left and right rocker panels.

The Front and Rear lift points should be used when lifting the Insight with a frame hoist or when supporting it on safety stands. Space blocks must be used with any plate style lift to avoid damage to the rocker panels or rear strakes.

The Mid Center point is for use when lifting the Insight with a floor jack. In this case, a rubber pad should be positioned between the lift platform and support point.

enliftpoints.jpg (10627 bytes)

Special Tools

Honda has a "Rotor Puller" tool that is designed for removing the electric motor rotor from the motor.

Honda also has a lift fixture designed for lifting the IMA battery pack out of the car.

Both of these tools are made available to Honda dealers on a loan basis.

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