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The IMA Motor/Generator's function is to charge the Battery Module, to assist the gasoline engine under acceleration, and to start the engine under specific conditions.

The Motor Control Module controls all these actions. The MCM is a low-voltage, microprocessor controlled device (i.e. a computer). The MDM that it communicates with, in turn contains all the high voltage cicuitry that connects directly to the motor itself.

The function of the MCM is:

  • To communicate with the ECM/PCM to determine the vehicle operation mode, and to send DTC codes to the main ECM to report any problems detected in the IMA system.
  • To communicate with the BCM that constantly calculates the Battery Module state of charge based on battery temperature, current and voltage. This information is used to protect the Battery Module and maintain proper charge levels.
  • To communicate with the instrument panel display to keep the driver informed about the IMA system conditions and operating modes.
  • To communicate with the MDM to receive motor commutation information, and to control the Motor Power Inverter Module (IGBT's) through the Voltage Converter Module.

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