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As the Insight's goes from being stationary to accelerating, cruising and then decelerating, the IMA hybrid system's mode of operation changes. In each mode of operation, the gasoline engine and IMA electric motor each play a different role. Click on the links below to learn more about a particular mode of operation.

  enaccelerate.jpg (2036 bytes) encruise.jpg (1738 bytes) endecelerate.jpg (2043 bytes)
Vehicle Operating Mode Start-up Acceleration Cruising Deceleration Stationary
Gasoline Engine Mode Engine Start Vehicle Propulsion Fuel Cut Auto Idle Stop
Electric Motor Mode Assisting with Propulsion Generation / Off Regenerative Braking Off
Battery State of Charge Full Engine startup by IMA Assist with partial load & wide open throttle No generation No Charging Auto Stop System Enabled
High Generate for 12v system Regeneration
Low Wide open throttle assist Generation for recharging
Zero Startup by auxiliary Starter Motor No assist Generation
IMA Contribution to Fuel Efficiency Best fuel control when starting Reduce engine load and fuel consumption by motor assist Reduce unnecessary generation and load by efficient battery control Recover and store energy, no fuel consumption No fuel consumption

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