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The Insight's rear suspension uses trailing arms. These are connected midway along their length by a curved, H-section steel torsion beam that twists to allow a controlled level of independent suspension movement.

This arrangement works with very short springs and dampers which allow for a very low rear floor, while the suspension system still sits entirely below the floor. Coil springs are used, and the system's telescopic shock absorbers are mounted at a separate location, which also contributes to the Insight's flat cargo floor.

Other rear suspension features include:

  • The rear track is narrower than the front track, which allows for a more aerodynamic body shape. This, in turn, helps to maximize fuel economy.
  • The design gives a low rear roll center and high torsional rigidity. These factors contribute to handling stability.
  • Large rubber bushings, built into the trailing arm privots, provide bump compliance, and are designed to minimize toe out on turns, also adding to handling stability.

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