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The Insight's IMA system employs high-voltage components and highly magnetic components, and so anyone working on the IMA system must exercise caution and follow Service Manual procedures carefully.

IMA Motor Rotor

The rotor of the IMA motor is highly magnetic. Consequently, all iron, magnetic and electronic materials must be kept away from the rotor if it is to be replaced.

The rotor should not be handled by people with a pacemaker or other similar medical device. Keep electronic devices away from the rotor as the magnetic field may damage watches, video tapes, floppy disks, or any other magnetic storage devices.

The "IPU" (Rear IMA Components) Compartment

Before working in the IPU Compartment, these are the safety steps that Honda recommends:

  • Remove any jewelry.
  • Turn off the ignition switch and remove the key.
  • Turn off the Battery Module switch (located below the small cover in the middle of the rear cargo area floor, and replace the lock to secure the switch.
  • Wait for 5 minutes before performing any maintenance procedures on the IMA system. This allows the 3 large capacitors inside the MDM to discharge.
  • If the IPU cover has to be removed, there is a bolt inside the lid area. (It is impossible to remove this bolt if the Battery Module switch hasn't been turned off.)
  • Before performing any maintenance procedures in the IPU, make sure that the junction board terminal voltage is at or near 0V.

Before switching on the Battery Module switch make sure:

  • All high voltage terminals have been tightened to the specified torque
  • No high voltage wires or terminals have been damaged
  • To check for clearance between each high voltage terminal of the part you disassembled and the vehicle body

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