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In addition to a conventional 12V battery, the Insight has a 144V IMA battery. When the vehicle is stored for a long period, the IMA battery will gradually discharge and must be charged periodically (ideally once every three months). To maintain the IMA battery, follow this procedure:

1. Remove the 40A EPS Fuse (No. 15) from the Under-Hood Fuse box in the engine compartment, then start the engine. The EPS warning light on the dashboard will illuminate because the EPS fuse is missing. This does not indicate a system fault. The warning light will go off when the EPS fuse is refitted.

2. Make sure the area around the vehicle is free of flammable items. Then, run the engine at 3500 rpm for 5-10 minutes. Monitor the IMA Battery Level Gauge for movement indicating its charging process.

3. The procedure is complete when the IMA Battery Level Gauge shows fully charged.

4. Reinstall the 40A EPS Fuse in its original position (No. 15).



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