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To accommodate flat-bed towing equipment, the Insight is provided with a front towing hook, and front and rear tie down hook holes. The towing hook can be used with a winch to pull the Insight onto the truck, and the tie down holes can be used to secure the vehicle to the truck.

To install the towing hook, first wrap the flat end of the jack handle or screwdriver with a soft cloth to prevent damage to the painted bumper surface, and then pry the cover off. Next, screw the towing hook (stored with the spare tire) into the bolt hole and tighten it securely by hand.

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Once the Insight is on the truck, secure it by attaching hooks to the front and rear towing hook holes. Never attempt to pull or secure the Insight by any other means. Body or suspension damage could result.

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If the Insight must be pulled backward in order to free it, use only the rear tie down hook holes to attach a rope or cable. Attaching to any other point could result in body or suspension damage.

If it is necessary to pull the Insight backward by attaching a rope or cable to only one side, take care not to damage the rear strake.

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Pulling the vehicle straight back to free it by using both rear tie down hook holes is the best method.

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