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white.jpg (631 bytes) U.S. Model Year 2002 Brochure (1.1 MB, Adobe Acrobat PDF Format)
This is the official Honda brochure for the 2002 Insight. Printed on glossy paper with several fold-out pages, the publication does a good job of describing the vehicle's enviornmental, safety and comfort befefits.
white.jpg (631 bytes) U.S. & Canada Model Year 2000 Brochure (362KB, Adobe Acrobat PDF Format)
This brochure was prepared for the U.S. market. It has also been used in Canada, where it has been distributed with an additional paper band wrapped around it which explains that it is a U.S. brochure, and giving metric equivalents of some key figures, such as fuel efficiency.

This brochure is printed in an eight page saddle-stitched (stapled booklet) format.

white.jpg (631 bytes) German Insight Brochure (464KB, multiple JPEG files)
Note that the pictures in this brochure show five-spoke type aluminum wheels on the Insight. This is just marketing people dressing up the Insight - the wheels on Insights sold in Germany are actually the same as Insights sold elsewhere, not as shown in this brochure.

This brochure is printed as a single long sheet (the size of four A4 pages laid side-by-side), which opens card style to reveal a large front-on picture of an Oxygen Blue Insight. These flaps in turn open in the center to reveal four pages of inside material. Although it doesn't come through in the scanned version, the brochure is printed in 5 colors, with the grey color being a metallic colored ink.

white.jpg (631 bytes) Japanese Insight Brochure (925KB, multiple JPEG files)
While this brochure is in Japanese, it includes some English phrases as is typical of a lot of Japanese marketing material (English being the exotic language in Japan).

This brochure is printed as a 7 panel accordion-folded card. It is laid out with each side having its own cover panel followed by 6 panels of material. The one side is entitled "Insight Concept" and the other side is entitled "Insight Technology". The card is the height of an A4 sheet, with each panel being 128mm wide.

The most interesting design element of this brochure are a series of middle-aged Anglo-Saxon men wearing white lab coats, standing in various poses.

white.jpg (631 bytes) Insight Emergency Response Guide (1.23MB, Adobe Acrobat PDF Format)
American Honda's information for fire service, law enforcement, emergency medical and professional towing personnel on how to deal with an Insight that has been involved in an accident.

(Reader's Digest Condensed Version: The Insight does not present any unusual hazards. The best proceedure is to turn off ignition key, which will disable airbags / seatbelt pretentioners, and prevent any high-voltage electric current from flowing. If you don't turn it off, don't cut the orange high-voltage cables.)

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