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With our new Community, we are no longer updating this section. The forum seems like a better place to share stories and get instant feedback. So, please post your modifications in the corresponding Community section. (However, if you have a really unique mod you would like to share with our readers, email us a description of what you've done and we'll consider posting the details here.)

Owners & Their Insights
Project Description Submitted by / date
Richard Reece's Modifications Rich has gone all out in fitting out his Insight, including a new center console with LCD display, rear facing camera, mirror with compass and outside temperature display, new sound system and center armrest. Richard Reece
Aug 14, '01
Audio System Upgrades
Project Description Submitted by / date
Speaker upgrades Upgrading the front speakers from Honda's stock speakers is probably the best way to improve the audio system's sound quality. Here's what you need to know. Brian Pirie,
June 10 '00
Mounting Honda CD Changer Phil Stewart describes how he mounted a generic Honda CD changer in the Insight's cargo area without purchasing the $120 Insight-specific installation kit. Phil Stewart
Feb 24, '01
Upgraded Sound System: JVC KD-LX30 Geoff Shepherd gives the step-by-step proceedure he followed to upgrade the in-dash sound system in his Insight. In addition to giving general information applicable to anyone replacing their Insight's stereo, Geoff has provided information and pictures on JVC's interesting "Kameleon" in-dash CD receiver. Geoff Shepherd,
Sept 10 '00
Cargo Carrying
Project Description Submitted by / date
Cargo net Make your own cargo net to hold items securely in place, and save some money rather buying Honda's cargo net. Brian Pirie,
Sept 7 '00
Better Cargo Net Clips John describes the clips he is now using on the cargo net to make it easier to hook and unhook. John W Nicholson, Nov 19, '00
Dog Harness Instructions on how to assemble a dog harness to help when carrying your dog in your Insight. -
Cruise Controls
Project Description Submitted by / date
George Yeager's Dakota Digital cruise control installation How George installed Dakota Digital's CRS-3  cruise control in his Insight, while avoiding permanent modifications to the car. George Yeager, June 26 '00
Tom Hudson's Rosta cruise control installation How Tim Hudson installed a Rostra cruise control. Tim Hudson
Tips & Other Improvements
Project Description Submitted by / date
Valve Cap Tire Pressure Indicators While nothing can beat the accuracy of a digital or dial-type tire pressure gauge, here's a great way to always keep an eye on your tire pressures. Tim Thompson,
Nov 14 '00
Changing Dome/Map Lights John replaced the map & dome lights with red bulbs to improve vision at night. He also describes a trick he devised to make it easier to get the little bulbs out. John W. Nicholson,
Oct 17 '00
Keyless entry tip Information about programming multiple Honda vehicles to respond to one keyless entry transmitter. John Apfelbaum, June 13 '00
Rusting wheel skirt fasteners? These small fasteners were made of uncoated steel in the 2000 model, and rusted quickly. Here's a way to solve the problem once and for all. Brian Pirie,
June 6 '00
Skirt fastener retainers If you're worried about losing the wheel skirts or fasteners, Jim has a solution. Jim Skinner,
July 22 '00
WebastoHollandia Sunroof installation Definitely not a do-it-yourself project, but Kendall & Mark have had an aftermarket sunroof installed in their Insight. I don't know what the structural implications are with the Insight's aluminum body of doing this, so I can't recommend this. However, I can say that it looks great, and Kendall & Mark really like it. Kendall & Mark Youngblood


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