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If you're interested in improving the sound quality of the Insight's audio system, one of the best ways of doing this is to upgrade the front speakers. In the opinion of a number of Insight owners, this is a far better choice than adding the rear speakers. Stereo imaging will be better without the rear speakers, and you'll still be left with the same sound quality from the front speakers. The factory-installed front speakers are definitely the weak link in the stock audio system.

The good news is that the Insight's design makes it very easy to upgrade the stock speakers. There is no need to remove the entire door panel, everything can be accessed by just popping off the Insight's speaker grills.

To remove the speaker grill, you'll notice that at one point around the grills edge where there is a small grove for prying with a screw driver. If you wrap the tip of your screw driver with a cloth and pry carefully, you'll find the grill pops off easily with no damage to grill or door panel.

As far as your choice of replacement speakers, there are a number of 6.5" speakers on the market that are drop-in replacements for the stock speakers, requiring no holes to be drilled, nor other modifications to the Insight. They also allow you to continue to use the original speaker grills, which blend in very nicely with the door panels, leaving an entirely stock appearance.

Here are some speakers you may want to consider. Each of these speakers are a big improvement over the Insight's stock speakers.

Speaker MSRP /pr Comments
Eclipse 8263 $139.95 U.S. These are excellent sounding speakers that a number of Insight owners have chosen. Some people have found these to be perfect drop-in replacements, others have had to shave off some of the rear side of the stock speaker grills to make room for the tweeters. These have angled tweeters that help pin-point the stereo imaging and improve the soundstage, and the direction of speaker mounting may affect whether or not the Insight's grill will fit without modification. For best sounding results, you'll want to position things so that the speakers point upwards.
Pioneer TS605 $89.99 U.S. Perfect drop-in replacement. Good sound quality to price ratio; a definite improvement over the stock speakers.
Boston Acoustics CX6 $112 U.S. Require approximately 1/4" shim due to their 2 1/8" depth. Also require two additional holes in plastic behind grill, as mounting holes don't quite line up.
Clarion SRR1624 $119.99 U.S. Drop-in replacements.

When installing new speakers in your Insight, be sure (for sound quality reasons), to connect the new speakers with correct polarity - (+) wire to (+) terminal on the speaker and (-) wire to (-) terminal.

Here is the Insight speaker wiring code:

  Left Right
Front (+) Green /w black stripe
(-) Light green
(+) Green /w yellow stripe
(-) Grey /w red stripe
Rear (+) Blue /w white stripe
(-) Blue /w black stripe
(+) Pink
(-) Blue /w yellow stripe


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