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... Deciding to Buy One

Evaluating the Insight's Suitability
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Performance & Handling
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Winter Driving
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Safety
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Comfort & Convenience
Purchasing & Warranty Information
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Warrany & Costs
Sales Statistics
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)CVT vs. 5-Speed
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Options & Accessories

Articles & Reviews
Awards won by the Insight
Car magazine road tests
New car technologies
Honda Press Releases
Owners' Opinions
Read what owners have to say about the Insight
Insight vs. Prius
The similarities and differences between the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius.

See also:
Comparison to TDI Beetle
Comparison to Other Cars

Insight vs. Hybrid Civic
How the IMA-equipped Honda Civic compares to the Insight.
... For Insight Owners and Enthusiasts

Development History
The creation of the Insight, from the J-VX concept car to one of the most sophisticated production cars ever
Image & Video Gallery
A collection of Insight pictures and videos, inside and out.

tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Maintenance Schedules
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Service Bulletins
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Other Considerations
Problems & Non-Problems
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Solutions to Common Issues
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Explanations of non-Problems

tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Gasoline Choice
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Carpool Lane Access
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Fuel Efficiency Tips
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Little-Known Insight Features
Understanding the Insight
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)How the Insight Works
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Terms & Abbreviations
... Of Interest to All

Being an Insight Ambassador
Material and information you can use to spread the word about the Insight and answer questions from curious people.
Honda & Their Work With the Insight
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Behind the scenes at Honda
tinybullet.jpg (665 bytes)Honda's plans for Insight & its technology

Insight Accident Reports
Information & pictures showing how the Insight handles real-world crashes.
Official Honda Brochures
Electronic versions of Insight brochures and publications from around the world.
... Insight on the Web Forum
Our message board offers Insight owners and enthusiasts an area to share their experiences and seek advice.
A guide to the best Insight-related resources on the Internet
About us, what goes on behind the scenes at, and feedback from site visitors.
News Archives
Searchable archives of the articles posted by our news editors. Also see our Pre-2003 Archives.


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