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Cabin Interior - Cargo Space Cabin Interior - Seats Body Panels - Roof Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Lean NOx Catalytic Converter Plastic Fuel Tank IMA Components - Main Power Cable Aluminum Frame Hatch Release Mechanism Body Panels - Hood Instrument Display Braking System Braking System Rear Suspension Aluminum Frame Climate Control & Ventilation Front Suspension Gasoline Engine IMA Electric Motor Restraint System - Air Bag Restraint System - Air Bag IMA Storage, Power & Control Components


General Information

About this Encyclopedia
Serial Numbers
Features & Specifications
Scale Drawings


Maintenance Considerations
Long-Term Storage
Hatch Access
Safety Considerations
Service Connectors

Body Technologies

Aluminum Construction
Body Panels
Body Repair
Fuel Tank

Steering / Suspension / Brakes

Electric Power Steering
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Braking System

Cabin Interior

Restraint System
Climate Control System
Micron Air Filtration

IMA Hybrid System

Modes of Operation
Acceleration / Assist
Cruising Mode
Regenerative Braking
Fuel Cut Mode
Idle Stop Mode
Instant Restart
Component Locations
IMA Motor
Battery Module
Junction Board
Battery Condition Monitor
Motor Control Module
Motor Drive Module
DC-DC Converter

Advanced Gasoline Engine

Weight Reduction
Friction Reduction
Vibration Control
Offset Cylinder
Spark Plugs
Rocker Arms & Shaft
VTEC-E System
Integrated Head
Direct Ignition
Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
Performance Curves

Emissions Control

Lean-Burn Oxygen Sensor
Advanced Catalytic Convertors
EGR System
Refueling Vapor Recovery


Download the complete Interactive Encyclopedia in Adobe Acrobat format, perfect for printing (4.1 MB). Thank you to Christian Charlebois for providing this printable version of the Encyclopedia.



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