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  1. Buying ?'s
  2. Under Engine Panel
  3. Saved by a Grid Charger
  4. Best oil filter wrench for Insight
  5. removing door panel
  6. Nov 17 Honda to unveil an all new electric vehicale
  7. Help installing charger upstate NY
  8. cold weather starting
  9. Which Insight is the Better Deal... Please take a minute to vote. HELP!
  10. 2000 Insight Manual 46K Miles Should I Buy?
  11. Grrr, left my passenger window a tad open and it rained last night
  12. Questions for high milage insight owners?
  13. Battery fan?
  14. Looking for an Insight in Florida
  15. Pirelli 190SC-Snow Tires-Anyone running them?
  16. cheap lumbar support
  17. Springs/ coilovers for insight
  18. Little-known Honda lifetime warranty: Seatbelts
  19. Got a SGII--what are some normal numbers for the gauges?
  20. carpet replacement
  21. Finally got my Insight
  22. Anyone from AZ want to come?
  23. Sun Shades for a 2005 Honda Insight
  24. First Impressions
  25. IMA Battery repair
  26. First gear + full assist = rocket
  27. Honda Express US Service Subscription
  28. Will the Brake Pedal Switch Mod work
  29. IMA Battery Charging Cycles
  30. Anyone tired 175/65/14 tire instead of 165?
  31. I can't find "Brake and clutch switch mod" thread....
  32. Insight with strange air flow
  33. This is the Insight I will be parting out... (pics)
  34. winterize and storing 2002MT Insight
  35. Cheap universal CAT?
  36. Mongo staple in tire
  37. Dinghy towing a 2002 Insight (Gen 1)
  38. Got a 2000 Insight 5-spd - questions
  39. Need Stock Radio Antenna
  40. EGR Part Number Check
  41. Comparing 06 Insight to '10 Prius
  42. turbo
  43. Buyers guide?
  44. How loud/quiet is your engine?
  45. what is that sound when you open the rear hatch
  46. Do any other seats fit in this car? Aftermarket seat rails?
  47. Got some extras... battery, engine, parts, body panels...
  48. Paintless dent removal on Insight doors
  49. Woohoo! 10 year warranty was just right
  50. Mirror Backing
  51. Is Ebay "Cyber Storming" Insight owners?
  52. How do you gain good access to the bottom of your insight?
  53. How does your CVT sound under load?
  54. Tire brands?
  55. What's behind that squarish black plastic piece?
  56. I reset the Life Time MPG, has anyone else?
  57. Owner in Quebec Canada
  58. Need help test drive a used Insight in Stockton, CA (Friday 10/8/10)
  59. Observations from first long (1520 mile) trip
  60. Volkswagen Falsely Steals the Insight's Tank Record
  61. Leaving Insight In Long Term Airport Parking
  62. Is buying a 2001 model with 94k miles a good idea?
  63. Newby with IMA Light and P0420 and P1445 codes
  64. It Followed Me Home
  65. Anyone use a Dorman EZ oil valve
  66. Can I drive without IMA?
  67. Insight Gen 1 verses CR-Z (my opinion only )
  68. cigarette socket Voltage meter
  69. Got one! '06 CVT Silver 45K miles
  70. Selling Grid Charger Complete Kits
  71. SoCal Insight rendezvous
  72. new owner old Insight
  73. Buying Pre production 1st gen Insight
  74. Maximizing AC cooling
  75. Security System Instruction Manual 08E51-S84-100
  76. Help needed, Newby has questions
  77. Newb question/opinion
  78. Rear spoiler removal
  79. Hybrid Parking Spots
  80. Oil Change with 5W-30
  81. Rear Engine Mount - MT vs. CVT
  82. Strategy for CVT in hilly country
  83. Lowest Observed RPM at 60 MPH in CVT
  84. unlock both doors with one fob button press?
  85. Buying a Used 5spd Insight Questions
  86. Valves adjusted but only left intake valves move?
  87. Bruce Springsteen Killed My Car
  88. Possible CVT overfill?
  89. IMA Reset
  90. Actine suspension in our future.
  91. 1st Gen steering wheel compatibility...
  92. Reattach Door Threshold
  93. I need to take a trip... (advice wanted)
  94. Inexpensive subwoofer
  95. When someone says he/she is getting 70mpg...
  96. Looking for Good Los Angeles Honda Insight dealer service
  97. Painting spoiler?
  98. Refinishing flat black metal door trim
  99. Absolutely necessary to change spark plugs ONLY when engine is COLD
  100. Best car for long highway commute?
  101. misssing wheel skirt screws
  102. New Insight Owner and Forum Member.
  103. Honda reprogramming Civic hybrids..Insights?
  104. Speed of 1st gen insight vs say toyota corolla
  105. Checking CVT level - manual's strict procedure
  106. Need part# for A-pillar/roof plastic molding
  107. where to find price for selling our cars
  108. How many miles is too many miles - when buying
  109. Any manual transmission insight owners in the Chicago area?
  110. Fuel gauge...
  111. Lowest mile 2000-2003 MT Silverstone Insight???
  112. Auto-stop working too well or just being quirky?
  113. Need opinion and maybe some reassurance
  114. Help me understand my car's climate control system!
  115. severed mystery wire
  116. How many assist bars will a stock Insight give?
  117. Gas empty indicator
  118. Reading the TEMP and GAS guage
  119. New Insight driver, any tips for snow driving?
  120. Looking to Buy - What to watch out for
  121. Longevity?
  122. Is this all normal for a Gen 1 Insight?
  123. hub motors getting closer
  124. Honda is dropping the production of insight again
  125. 130,00 mile IMA Battery replacement - uh oh!
  126. Home Power magazine article on hybrid battery refurbishing
  127. Is 100mpg/1000mile fillup possible without MIMA?
  128. High resolution Insight logo
  129. Insight Owners near Burlington VT
  130. Full regen on light braking normal?
  131. Honda hybrid recall programming=less mpg
  132. Anyone use Hybrid Battery Repair. com before?
  133. LED = Fuse blow?
  134. Tuner Insight pics
  135. Need help! Custom made floor and cargo mats
  136. MPG local vs freeway
  137. So I got a new Insight and I think the excitement has worn off
  138. So what was the selling point that helped you decide on buying an Insight?
  139. What is on the steering wheel on the Japanese Insight?
  140. California smog check for the Insight?
  141. Has anyone painted their Insight GPW?
  142. 12 volt Battery specs & size?
  143. A few questions about i1..
  144. How much do used transmissions go for?
  145. seat covers and cargo mat?
  146. IMA refurbishment?
  147. Front Parking Light -> DRL?
  148. I'm New and Might Buy an Insight
  149. Hello new here =]
  150. Hi, New to Insight Central!
  151. Intro post - few questions
  152. Is the G1 Insight chassis made of aluminum too?
  153. Climbing the I80 Mountains cross country with overweight load
  154. (cheaper than MajesticHonda)
  155. Can the insight be driven hard? What are the consequences
  156. Manual Insight Trade: Worth It?
  157. maint req'd light
  158. ScanGauge II
  159. I didn't see an introduction section
  160. Weird noise / mechanic in Seattle area
  161. About to buy '02 Insight CVT w/ 110k on the odo - some questions
  162. crx, insight and cr-z content
  163. Did Honda make all weather mats for the original Insight?
  164. VIN advice/help?
  165. Anti Theft Light
  166. Bought a 2000 Insight that is barely still in battery warranty. How do I test it?
  167. Car history
  168. if anyone is intersted
  169. Service engine light
  170. They hurt my Spiff!
  171. 1st gen insight vs 2nd gen prius
  172. Navigation tips??
  173. Legal Window Tint Question?
  174. Get a third key?
  175. Things holding me back from buying a Honda insight 1st gen.
  176. $10 Gift card for buying 5 quarts of Mobil1 at Checker/O'Reilly
  177. parking my cvt
  178. battery question
  179. Driving in Phoenix Heat
  180. help making a decision
  181. HELP! I just lost my driver side wheel cover.
  182. London congestion charge - calling all uk owners re removal of exemption
  183. Really need help buying 2001 Insight from private owner
  184. Drive without the IMA/Battery?
  185. red insight owner in clarksville tn?
  186. Anyone use the Exedy Stage 1 clutch kit in their Insight?
  187. Avoid Coast to Coast Auto Glass - HORROR STORY!
  188. Radiant sun barrier cover for my Insight
  189. What's the deal with the rear wheel skirts?
  190. New IMA battery fitted Insight 1st Gen
  191. Interestin electric car idea - Buy the car, rent the battery
  192. bra for my insight
  193. Royal Purple great stuff
  194. 2005 CVT throwing a P0A7F code, 121k miles
  195. Had a few questions about oil changes
  196. New owner as of 7-9-2010
  197. Cargo Rubber mats for the trunk
  198. Discounts for driving/owning our cars.
  199. Interior Fuse Panel
  200. Water in the Trunk :(
  201. 2004 Insight CVT engine Tick sound
  202. what cylinder is what?
  203. My idea for a lightweight, well balanced, and hybrid friendly stereo...
  204. good?
  205. Milwaukee area dealership for repair?
  206. nitrogen in new tires?
  207. OT: back and got an idea for newbies
  208. better mileage with full tank?
  209. T25 City car unveiled
  210. How many Insights for 2004
  211. New owner!
  212. Pirelli P6 tires?
  213. prospective buyer
  214. Seafoam in a 1st gen Insight?
  215. Insight Hood Emblem
  216. 72.44 mpg Civic diesel
  217. Codes P1576 and P 1568
  218. Weak sub-modules for Solar System?
  219. squeak squeak squeak
  220. Insight recall?
  221. a few questions from a possible insight buyer
  222. the first insight of 2004
  223. Under the hood Battery
  224. mystery holes in my carpet
  225. Advice Needed: Considering buying a 2001 Insight with 75k miles and Salvage Title
  226. insight as my first car :)
  227. Carpet
  228. I Have The Part # For The Driver's Side Carpet Retainer
  229. Hybrid Battery REPAIR new seller
  230. Maybe cheaper battery production?
  231. First Insights sold in Australia?
  232. Replacing whole headlight assembly
  233. A Perfect Stablemate For the Insight
  234. About to BUY! 2002 w/ 67k! Give me advice!
  235. Possible Problem With Passenger Side Window
  236. Driver's Side Window Switch Does Not Auto Down
  237. allignment and transmission questions
  238. not enough heat?
  239. Coolant Change Questions
  240. Hole in Driver's Side Floormat To Hold Mat
  241. Hi from Scotland
  242. JDM Insight Info
  243. Rear Wheel Skirts - Are These A Problem?
  244. Which Wt Motor Oil In My New 04 CVT
  245. Hot spare tire
  246. Could this be anything OTHER than dead IMA?
  247. How Do I Find Out My Production Number
  248. repairing scratches in dashboard?
  249. OK...There Must Be Some Trick To Use Window Stop
  250. Yes, another Newbie (Detroit Area)