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  1. S-l-o-o-o-w posting
  2. Replacement Radiator Fan Motor
  3. What is this orange lever/handle?
  4. Connector unhooked
  5. interior fan
  6. Portable AC?
  7. ISO reliable hybric mechanic, NVA
  8. clutch kit, 'Brute Power' brand?
  9. AC question
  10. Living in a running insight
  11. Adding an alternator
  12. IMA light on dash
  13. Lost my key
  14. Cruise Control Repair
  15. Found another insight on CL for $1000 obo
  16. Valve lapping, stem seal material
  17. New (for me) 2003 Blue, Honda Insight, MT 158K miles
  18. Catalyst not ready
  19. Portland, Or
  20. 1st gen insight cvt fluid change
  21. Colorado Insight Camp - "CARS N' STARS"
  22. insight in forest - youtube
  23. Amp hours
  24. Will an Insight hood fit inside an Insight?
  25. Swaybar bushings
  26. CVT gen 1 and gen 2 differences
  27. Question
  28. Misc. RESETS
  29. Another that bite the dust...
  30. Environmental question on batteries
  31. In response to solar panel discussions
  32. Reluctantly Seling my Insight. Looking for a buyer and price opinions
  33. Custom Solar Panel
  34. Can I drive the car without the battery
  35. Cardone Battery Caution
  36. Part numbers for track rod ends & anti roll bar drop links
  37. New insight owner
  38. Anyone here grab the 19k Insight?
  39. Hybrid Revolt fails to return $500 core deposit
  40. Stoked
  41. New Insight owner
  42. New to forum, bought an Insight
  43. I'm back on InsightCentral after many years away...
  44. Unlock all doors with one press from key fob?
  45. Building a discharger, couple quick questions
  46. How to make LED daytime running lights out of parking lights
  47. Insight on Google News today.
  48. Hybrid Revolt/GC01/Max Volts harness connector
  49. Finally RCR for a Gen1!
  50. hydrogen system conversion on an Insight???
  51. Has anyone bought another insight just to swap IMA batteries?
  52. New member saying hi with my 2000 Insight
  53. Airbag disable
  54. GEN 1 Engine Battery Survey
  55. Dunlop Enasave tires?
  56. Broken front right axle
  57. Hi everyone. 00 Red Honda Insight.
  58. Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech Expo Detroit
  59. Aero Wheels other than stock wheels?
  60. White Insight, limited or repaint?
  61. 2000 MT totaled ! What now?
  62. Frustrated
  63. UK Magazine Article.
  64. Clutch line replacement
  65. "The Drive" article on G1:
  66. Trouble With Hybrid Automotive Grid Charger
  67. Low mileage Insights are still out there
  68. Transmission Failure...Looks Like the End
  69. Looked at an '01 MT yesterday
  70. Fair price for 2000 with 74K and dying IMA
  71. How accurate is KBB Insight pricing?
  72. What would cause my car to idle at 2200 RPM?
  73. Gen 2 Topics in Gen 1 Forums
  74. Missed out on a great car
  75. Grid Charger questions
  76. 2001 Lean Burn Info
  77. Last 2006 Gen 1 Insight VIN # produced
  78. Good News/Bad News - my Insight was stolen
  79. 5 Quart Mobil1 @ Walmart for $3.85 after rebate
  80. The Smoking Tire - 2000 Honda Insight - One Take
  81. ZE1 or ZE2 - one of them has to go - which one to sell?
  82. Help finding oil cooler O ring
  83. Possible to run w/o IMA?
  84. Why is lean burn disabled when the IMA pack is bypassed?
  85. My leanburn tecnique
  86. Radio code. Can a dealer help?
  87. Obdii
  88. Aura bass shaker - Subwoofer subsitute
  89. Recommend a Mechanic in LA for 1st Gen Insight
  90. They are still so far from the MPG perfection that is the G1 Insight
  91. Leak under rear window molding?
  92. Help - need part numbers and rough costs
  93. Rusty fuel pipes leaking...$
  94. Just bought a 1st Gen insight...
  95. Maxx Volts Grid Charger Review
  96. Recommend Gen1 Mechanic in LA
  97. Insight recommended ober BMW i3 In BMW club nmagazine..
  98. What fluid goes here?
  99. Clutch shudder on take off
  100. Suspension Help and or advice...
  101. Just curious how many German...
  102. P1885 & metal debris in the pan
  103. Buying a 2002 CVT - What to watch out for?
  104. Batter refurbish San Jose Area
  105. Recommended procedure (to drain pack) after full balancing grid charge
  106. Convertible!
  107. Insight in the JY
  108. Off topic - some Honda Hybrid Civic parts for sale
  109. Wattage for ima fan and heater/vent fan
  110. Anyone ever deal with The Hybrid Shop franchise?
  111. rain gets in
  112. KAAR 2040 alarm/remote system.
  113. Lithium cell swap with stock BMS?
  114. Grid charge doesn't necessarily balance pack...
  115. Check Engine Light + IMA Light on- Car shut off
  116. A little speculation
  117. Recharger and lights
  118. HELP! driveshaft joint came apart while replacing strut
  119. For those who want good AM reception
  120. Reference Manuals, Documents
  121. Mechanic recommendation SF Bay area
  122. Honda IMA
  123. caliper bleeder screw thread repair
  124. my luck or a common theme with sitting batteries?
  125. 3K RPM charge run, it died, now won't start
  126. Does my battery need replacing? Readings.
  127. Ohai, new owner, just saying Hey
  128. 2001 Instrument Cluster Blob Issue on JDM Insights Too!!
  129. Deep Discharger - To Buy
  130. Intermittent failure coming out of auto stop
  131. Any electrical savvy guys on here I need help !
  132. How rare is it to find an insight at a Classic Car Auction?
  133. How rare is it to find an insight at the junkyard?
  134. Management of MULTIPLE Insights
  135. Painting an Insight
  136. Best mpg to date
  137. darn. need. new. parts. now.
  138. New insight owner.
  139. Does Insight engine burn oil?
  140. ink marks on NiMH cells/sticks?
  141. newbie IMA light and California smog question
  142. IMA battery pack options Down Under?
  143. First J-Sight in the country
  144. Individual cell deep discharge w/6 ohm per cell
  145. PID and formula for Air Fuel Ratio for torque pro
  146. Starter battery is draining charge intermittently
  147. Lowest lifetime MPG?
  148. Solid model of MT tranny
  149. Crankshaft Seal
  150. What is an InsightCentral "Sticker Package"
  151. I've Wanted this Car since 2000
  152. Replacing side mirrors: shared with any other Hondas?
  153. The trials and tribulations of ebay battery pack purchases
  154. What would you do? Battery Pack Question
  155. Hill test butt-dyno, aka the poor man's energy counter
  156. Full electric versus my Insight
  157. Who said 2 seaters aren't practical
  158. 10% alcohol vs pure gas
  159. Finding a 1st Gen Insight?
  160. New Battery & Grid Charger Installation
  161. Did some testing today see what u think
  162. Reprogram OEM Key Fob?
  163. Insight needed for commercilal! Los Angeles Feb6
  164. Prolong Battery Discharger
  165. Will this telescoping crv sun visor work on the insight?
  166. Undoing Old "Repairs"...
  167. brake drums
  168. 3k rpm charge => better lean burn?
  169. G1 Insight prices bottoming out?
  170. I need some advice about my battery
  171. NASAMobile wrecked/Road trip from New York advice
  172. OEM usable pack capacity and related issues...
  173. Herecy
  174. Is this an okay deal?
  175. Scangauge xgauge air fuel ratio code
  176. Catalytic Converter for 1st Gen Insight for sale
  177. 2001 Insight Coolant System Water Outlet R/R
  178. timing chain tensioner recommended replacement interval
  179. Scams are becoming common with the first gen Insight
  180. Oxygen sensor
  181. Wider front tires for competition?
  182. Scan gauge x gauge code to monitor pre cat o2 sensor
  183. CVT Motor Mount Part Numbers?
  184. Only X more weeks before I take my Insight out of winter storage
  185. It's always something...
  186. Make IMA charge car battery when battery pack bypassed?
  187. Painting OEM Rims?
  188. Value of battery with warranty?
  189. Scott's rebuild warranty?
  190. Suspension
  191. Modesto CA - Can Someone Show Me an Insight?
  192. How does VTEC-E actually work?
  193. What Does Full Assist Mean?
  194. Lifting a Gen 1?
  195. Speakers that match
  196. How to customize your lumbard in less than 10 min
  197. Scott K. Info on Modifying MT Synchronizers
  198. IMA Light - P0A7F Code Grid Charger Fix
  199. LSeat leather seat covers - any pictures?
  200. Heated seat pad
  201. New G1 insight owner!
  202. Buying VA Insight from WI, DMV Issues, please help
  203. Modified Module Case
  204. Really strange IMA issue, Please help!!
  205. "EWWWW, what is that?!"
  206. RB Batteries Grid Charger Review
  207. I just notice my tires are the wrong size
  208. Those good old ground straps
  209. What makes the Insight car hobby different from other car hobbies?
  210. Tire mounting question
  211. OBDIIC&C Information
  212. Small Part of 1st Gen History?
  213. Hand Brake bouncing
  214. Them thar must be some high quality IMA bolts
  215. Pats that will fit in a suitcase
  216. How could honda have easily made the car getvmore mpg?
  217. Lifetime MPG stuck in a loop
  218. Purchased my 2001 208k miles silver Insight today!
  219. Front brake friction
  220. To sell or not to sell, need advice
  221. I hate when owners make dumb mods
  222. Best spark plugs wires and coil packs for gen1
  223. door corner
  224. Radio mounting brackets
  225. New Insight Owner
  226. Insight Lifespan: Is it worth it to keep fixing it up?
  227. Citrus JDM just acquired yay
  228. OOPS! plastic tabs broke off a-pillar cover!
  229. Hybrid Revolt Still in Business?
  230. Pack Trouble and Rebuild Advice
  231. Attn: mudder, why the deep discharge disbelief
  232. Insight Mechanic Near Me?
  233. Finding a 1st Gen Insight in the UK..
  234. IMA battery regen frequency Q
  235. RIP driver's side wiper arm
  236. rebuilding transmission, running into a few issues
  237. Mpg from sandiego to el paso
  238. Which one to sell. Which one to keep?
  239. Going to buy my insight tomorrow, I'm nervous
  240. Pink Foam Upper Grille Blocker
  241. Fixing up my insight, Any shop in Massachusetts?
  242. Idiot move shorting charging terminals. What blew?
  243. IMA battery behavior
  244. adventures in the hunt for salvage yard batteries
  245. Thanks
  246. Another new 1st gen owner
  247. Packing Module for Shipping
  248. What's your 0-60 time and what work have you done to your car?
  249. Post your best hypermiling bumper sticker
  250. How do you get a discount from hybrid aitomotive