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Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion

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  1. Another new 1st gen owner
  2. Packing Module for Shipping
  3. What's your 0-60 time and what work have you done to your car?
  4. Post your best hypermiling bumper sticker
  5. How do you get a discount from hybrid aitomotive
  6. Where to purchase OEM sticks for pack rebuild?
  7. TDC and valve adjustment
  8. Anybody have the hybrid automotive charger?
  9. Simple way to track rear tire air valve position
  10. Gears gears and more gears
  11. Daughter wrecked the Insight into the garage today. =(
  12. Recommended maintenance for battery that has never grid charged.
  13. All the stuff you can cram into an Insight.
  14. Lifetime warranty on seat belts?
  15. Anyone heard of GoVoltage and their 9AH cells?
  16. Manual transmossion oil
  17. What is Honda MTF?
  18. How to prolong the life of your manual transmission
  19. Anyone know anything about this performance Insight?
  20. Which body parts are plastic?
  21. PO700 CVT problem - HELP!
  22. Slight vibration after Manual XMSN rebuild
  23. 2nd gear grind
  24. 70mpg @ -13F
  25. rear quarter panels
  26. 12v cold starter activation diagnoses
  27. Price: 2000 Manual 75,000 orig miles
  28. want to buy used BCM
  29. PLEASE HELP!!!! Error code P1644 at whits end!
  30. Thoughts on 175/65/14 tire size? Rear spacer/other rims in rear thoughts?
  31. Maintenance for high mileage cars
  32. Anyone else experience this?
  33. Trans swap
  34. Good preventative maintenance suggestions for casual owner
  35. What balancing charger to buy for reconditioning?
  36. Discharger connection points?
  37. 1st Gen Insight worth looking at in Calif
  38. Cost to ship a oem wheel?
  39. Subcode decipher?
  40. IMA not working sometimes
  41. Help me decide which Insight to drive over winter
  42. Catalytic Converter Cleaner - Cataclean?
  43. Where does the water go?
  44. a/c in summer time
  45. Why do refurb batteries fail in 1-2 years
  46. P1166 on 2001 CVT, fixed!
  47. Passenger Window Motor Is Dead
  48. Testing winter summer all-season tires
  49. Pictures of Honda replacement battery pack stickers
  50. Poll: What happens when you click your ignition off/on while driving?
  51. What's the worst insight you've ever seen?
  52. 2000 Insight stalls, restarts and eventually runs good, Oil overfill
  53. Catalytic converter
  54. Gen 1 Heat/AC Questions, and one antenna question
  55. Rear window defrost issue
  56. Shopping for first insight
  57. Royal Purple Synchromax MTF?
  58. New battery performance
  59. Salvaging parts
  60. p1449, my first dive into the ima.
  61. Honda Insight review: Retro Road Test
  62. Knocking Noise?
  63. New Bumblebee Battery Review
  64. Man I hope this guy lived...
  65. Free Shipping Over $150 at Bernardi Parts November 23-28
  66. Best MIMA to purchase?
  67. Just purchased a gen1 on ebay, waiting to go pick it up!
  68. Newbie with a ZE1 5 Speed manual from Japan.
  69. New here, my introduction!
  70. What do first gens use for air metering?
  71. Fully Charged or Fully Discharged?
  72. Picked up an Insight for the stables
  73. How to Deal with Ice and a Little Snow
  74. 4 oil analyses for 2006 insight
  75. Cardone Battery vs Bumblebee Battery
  76. Can CD Player drain IMA Battery?
  77. It happened... The p1499
  78. 2002 wrecked fleeing police
  79. Start up clutch behavior.
  80. Passed emissions testing / vehicle inspection despite a bad battery in Austin
  81. Just narrowly avoided an accident, then rolled into the car video.
  82. What modifications will I need for the trumpocalypse?
  83. The start of my Insight Adventure
  84. Windshield Wiper part numbers
  85. Respect: 1gen Insight vs Chevy Volt
  86. 0W16 - really really thin oil for sale
  87. Engine Mount Difference?
  88. Motor oil, Honda Ultra NEXT?
  89. need help, passenger Side Airbag is not working
  90. Pride of place..
  91. Getting Harder to Zero Out Trip MPG Readings
  92. $575 later...
  93. First time insight owner/build thread
  94. How much is too much?
  95. Wallstreet Journal Top Classic Cars
  96. fair price for 00 MT w 232K?
  97. Using First Gear For Several Uphill Miles
  98. Idle air control valve alternative, code p1519
  99. Hi from the UK and a couple of questions
  100. Thinking of Selling My Insight
  101. Take the guesswork out of Grid Charging...
  102. Costco has our tires in!
  103. Cooling system not bleeding properly
  104. AK to FL road trip & Ksight build
  105. Doing forced charge, it shut down, now it won't start
  106. Programming key fob trouble - tearing hair out!
  107. I don't want to sell Insight
  108. Insight in the SNOW
  109. Where does this connect?
  110. Brake Pad Question
  111. Think I may have strayed from the flock a wee bit
  112. Stick battery rejuvination of silver PA "Moonbuggy" (Gen1)
  113. Being alerted when an Insight shows up in a JY.
  114. I want to keep my totaled 2001 Insight
  115. Should I chance it? 1856lb vehicle, 2500lb capacity trailer
  116. Will this trunk lid fit in the back?
  117. Are these your Insights?
  118. Vinyl for paint chip repairs?
  119. High Beam headlamps stop working
  120. Insight as main car or "fun car"?
  121. Help!!! 2002 Honda Insight "Crickets" When Accelerating
  122. RE92s. $68.39 each
  123. Will Honda brake pads ever be discontinued?
  124. Tires 155/65-14 - has anyone tried this size?
  125. Test drove a 1st-Gen ... Question.
  126. Need help with stupid P1457
  127. I quit hypermiling
  128. Thieves stealing batteries from Hybrids
  129. Be careful out there
  130. Costco sale on RE92s?
  131. What to do with my Insight?
  132. How much will LInsight cost?
  133. Share your maintenance records
  134. Bringing it up again: Alternative fuel types/additives
  135. Need advice on charger/discharger
  136. For those on spreadsheet with 400,000+ miles
  137. Will a 38mm offset rim work?
  138. Honestly, what is 4th gear for?
  139. ANy urrect threads miles Gen 1?
  140. are LRR tires necessary?
  141. Floor mats
  142. Gas consumption per hour (while idling)?
  143. I saw Bisi's Insight at JCCS
  144. Trip button failure: DIY fix
  145. Black trim needs refurbished.
  146. Insight featured in Diesel Car Magazine
  147. What is my 2000 Insight worth?
  148. Yes it IS a sports car!
  149. Possible to add a Parts Swap/Barter Section??
  150. Buying a CVT.
  151. Is a "new message" a new thread?
  152. Online manual
  153. Intro.
  154. CVT Transmission Shipping Measurements Please
  155. Silver or black rims?
  156. Other transmission compatibility?
  157. Totaled my 06 after 18 months of pizza deliveries and 45k miles
  158. How do you keep the rubber parts soft and pliable?
  159. Water leaks, quick fix?
  160. Best OBDII readers (other than OBDIIC&C)
  161. question concerning old battery conditioning
  162. Short lifespan of CVT insight?
  163. blown head gasket
  164. Aux in for Gen1 radios - Done, works well.
  165. Who made your dash cover?
  166. The last ever hitch and bike rack thread
  167. Anyone willing to give up front struts?
  168. Soon-to-be New Owner
  169. Are our tire stems. 453?
  170. Farewell Green Machine 2
  171. Suggestions for Insight mechanics/shops in Upstate NY
  172. Dash lights
  173. 2006 Insight?
  174. OBD emissions fail question
  175. Does the insight use MAF, MAP or both?
  176. First time Insight owner
  177. Stereo Refurb Time and a few other items
  178. 2001 Insight Rearview mirror problem
  179. The Battery Show North America, Detroit Sept 13-15
  180. Catalytic converter
  181. REALLY Close To Buying But Which One Do I Choose?
  182. Mooing cow sound while car is off on occassion
  183. Dealer offers $1000 for junk Insight (tradein)
  184. New 1st Gen owner from central Ohio
  185. wont rev past 3800
  186. How much oil consumption is normal, good, bad?
  187. Grid Charger Network
  188. Looking for a quick "appraisal" of a CVT insight
  189. For sale - MIMA. Can deliver to Insightfest 2016
  190. Moving and need advice
  191. Crankshaft pulley.
  192. seller still in business??
  193. MIMA for sale at Insightfest if OK with hosts
  194. Inherited insight update
  195. Data logging with the OBDIIC&C
  196. Accountant and Attorney needed for Insight Club
  197. Identify Bumblebee Battery vs OEM
  198. Promo Insight
  199. New 05 silver CVT owner
  200. ADMIN Rest my password please
  201. My citrus at Honda dealer museum
  202. Non-fouler to solve the P420 code problem
  203. Prospective new owner, 2005 insight
  204. Question ,can the car charge the battery after discharge
  205. 377K Mile Insight Maintenance, A Bear to Deal With
  206. Relocating the oil filter
  207. Transmission Filters.
  208. D and S buttons
  209. Honda Insight MPG-Real World Numbers
  210. Pretty happy with HIDs installed last night
  211. Is there a definitive way to determine if IMA battery is dead?
  212. Turning the Key off
  213. Bad day for new owner
  214. Brake bleed screw sizes?
  215. tire wear
  216. no IMA light/ charge or regen ( i shorted the 12v positive ima fan wire)
  217. Do I need a new outer door handle?
  218. New member introduction from the SF Bay!
  219. Shipping problem
  220. G1 Honda Ksight
  221. IMA battery rebuild help (PTC Strips)
  222. Coasting VS Automatic HHI
  223. Grid Charging in Q3 2016?
  224. Solar Sensor
  225. New 2000 Insight 5-speed owner, "restoration" thread
  226. Vroom vroom
  227. S Keith's Concept re. IMA lifespan
  228. Ebay buy, Did I mess up?
  229. CD stuck in CD changer
  230. Interesting: Honda's NEW Hybrid drive motor!
  231. How much would you pay for an old battery pack?
  232. Alternate tire sizes and MPG
  233. Uk new owner to be
  234. New member! 2002 Honda Insight CVT Fully Loaded
  235. Honda invents new magnets
  236. Replacing Break Light Bulb?
  237. Car won't start after being turned off, just cranks
  238. Found one
  239. 01 - 06 axles
  240. P0134 code
  241. Anyone have a piston and a camshaft?
  242. Fuel Leak Easy Check Vulnerable Spot
  243. EGR Valve Diagram - 2001 5MT
  244. IMA battery and AC air conditioning
  245. 1st Gen Insight 3D Printing Service - Any Interest?
  246. Honda to throw a dart at the tesla dart board?
  247. Eclipse 3640 amp specifications?
  248. Can you switch driver/passenger seats?
  249. Insight meets Expedition
  250. SoC gauge stuck on near full