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Problems and Troubleshooting

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  1. Odd thwacking sound when turning right
  2. Testing the LAF sensor?
  3. Injector Seals Missing
  4. Low power due to catalytic
  5. EGR and more?
  6. 2006 MT problem (not usual one)
  7. IMA question Red 2000 Insight with 60k miles
  8. Grid Charger rental near Oakland CA?
  9. marker light change
  10. Coil boot broke and stuck on spark plug
  11. No assist?
  12. MIMA L problem
  13. What's this vibration from?
  14. Replacing clutch problem?
  15. Groaning noise when reversing and wheels turned?
  16. Oil leak: Leaking from timing belt tensioner?
  17. Random Misfire (P0300) on Hot Start
  18. Ground-straps and how to get at them?
  19. 12V battery troubles
  20. IMA system clicking on & off rapidly & erratically
  21. Maintenance light on, codes can't be read.
  22. OBDIIC&C troubles
  23. Gen 1 Clutch Master cylinder aftermarket
  24. PO336 Error Code - Crank position sensor faulty - Part numbers and tips
  25. What's That Sound? - with Audio/video - controller Arm Bushings?
  26. Brief Engine Inertia After Shut Off?
  27. Hadlights low beam went out when driving
  28. Hesitation, herky jerky and power loss
  29. Car seems down on power.
  30. Are hand brake skids possible?
  31. Repainting the spoiler
  32. IMA & CEL with P1449 but SOC shows nearly full?
  33. IMA Light - first time for me
  34. mold damage :(
  35. Grid Charger Help In Minnesota
  36. longer term storage (IMA)
  37. CVT slips when hot
  38. Help with mystery windshield noise
  39. Bought a 1st gen with a P1449...
  40. Random loss of power when attempting to start car?
  41. Radio removal
  42. Any write-up on head gasket replacement?
  43. Door check strap popping noise
  44. Gurgling when switching engine off
  45. IMA again
  46. clunking noise? ideas what to check.
  47. Pack fan always on ?
  48. Grid charger not charging in a strange way
  49. Lights on reminder buzzer silent
  50. Trunk Problem (not little plastic piece)
  51. Need flywheel for 2001 cvt
  52. Starting off the 12V, no IMA/CEL, Yes I grid charged/discharged...
  53. Input shaft bearing failed -Yes!
  54. Crossbeam bolt torques
  55. Coolant temperature goes from 90 to 50 to 90 instantly?
  56. ISB Noise?
  57. HELP! Identifying Missing Part
  58. P0420 - O2 or CAT?
  59. No heat: Do not understand
  60. CVT Transmission Troubleshooting help
  61. IMA and engine light, 1449 after balancing
  62. electric motor or motor control module?
  63. Transmission removal without engine removal?
  64. I'm going to clean my EGR plate, what do I need?
  65. engie rebuild
  66. Spark Plug Question
  67. Acc on after Key is removed.
  68. Seatbelt replacement
  69. P1449 (78) with freshly refurbed pack
  70. SRS Light Blinked 11
  71. "Minus IMA" mode?
  72. Battery cover plate removal
  73. Anyone try Rock Auto controls arms??
  74. IMA shows bad but all working fine?
  75. Battery grid charged but no longer working
  76. Catalytic Converter Flange
  77. Brake light coming on and staying on more than normal
  78. Shop Manual Question
  79. Did Catalytic Converters Change Over the Years
  80. Passenger door and hatch lock issues
  81. RH Drive shaft needed
  82. Shifter difficult to move left/right
  83. Just moved up north - what can rust or be damaged by salt?
  84. Problem with left tie rod adjuster.
  85. IMA charging question
  86. IMA Trouble
  87. Check Engine and blinking D after grid charge
  88. P1456 and dealer says IMA is failing?
  89. P1576, P1568, P1449 codes and resolution
  90. Unknown 1st and second gear issue
  91. Haven't seen this..
  92. Loose antenna base
  93. Recalibration, not positive or negative
  94. My 2002 insight IMA battery keeps coming on. Help!
  95. Heater DTC access
  96. Engine Whining Noise
  97. Grid charged a battery and now its worse
  98. 2001 Insight - Transmission went out
  99. A list of common oil leaks?
  100. Charging an unknown IMA and peak voltage
  101. Temp gauge indicator
  102. need advice about air conditioning
  103. Cooked my clutch wire
  104. Hybrid Automotive discharger
  105. May want to check this out if you live anywhere near the rust belt.
  106. Busted the positive IMA bolt
  107. Is there consensus on a deep discharge voltage target?
  108. busted a bolt in my IMA stick
  109. How do you remove the front converter nuts off the head?
  110. Trouble with balljoint castle nut.
  111. Temporary IMA fix?
  112. Boston /Cambridge Ma help needed
  113. Key Fob Problems
  114. P1447 code and IMA light
  115. 1164 code despite new correct ntk upper o2 sensor
  116. Loose Gas Cap Question
  117. Can I borrow your grid charger? LA area.
  118. Car started then shut off while backing out.
  119. UK/Europe source for boot/trunk gas struts
  120. Battery(?) Issue-Check engine light
  121. Looking for help in Seattle
  122. Weird new issue
  123. IMA Battery plight
  124. Disconnect BCM
  125. driver side headlight issue
  126. Odd electrical issue
  127. New guy with nest of problems - Must make lemon purchase into lemonade!
  128. Experiencing issues with my 2001 Insight please help
  129. How to unseize a parking brake?
  130. 2002 honda insight Electronic Instrument Display broken
  131. MEGA-WATT AUDIO!! advise
  132. Need advice on Purchasing 2000 Insight
  133. Is my IMA battery dead?
  134. battery pack problem
  135. how to reset abs Light
  136. Engine Crane Lift Point
  137. Knock and O2 sensors codes
  138. DC-DC indicator turns on intermittently, BCM unplugged
  139. Sourcing D Cells
  140. P1457 evap system leak
  141. About that time for new rear brakes
  142. 2002 needs IMA battery
  143. Brake Problem (master cylinder?)
  144. windshield washer issue
  145. Battery swap from 2001 MT to a 2005 MT?
  146. My second Insight and Second transmission rebuild
  147. Blink Codes
  148. Test of Move
  149. Broken Negative Terminal Bolt
  150. Dealer installed alarm or aftermarket?
  151. Insight Mechanic near St. Louis, MO?
  152. BCM unplugged - 12v ok?
  153. Please help with blink codes
  154. HELP no first or second gear
  155. IMA light after 2 weeks of non use
  156. Does anyone offer cell testing?
  157. P0505 code and slight hesitation at idle and on light throttle around 1600 ~ 1900 rpm
  158. Need Part Number First Cat Heat Shield Auto Trans engine
  159. Odd Coolant System Pressure Testing Results
  160. need an Insight mech.
  161. Master/Slave Cylinder or Clutch or Both?
  162. question to those who had a blown IMA fuse
  163. Passing NYS Emissions testing
  164. 12v Voltage Fluctuation
  165. My transmission died at 135k
  166. Overheating Issue... Fan Switch / Coolant Sensor Guidance
  167. Who does 5 speed transmissions for fun?
  168. Front Brakes... request for help
  169. Oil seep
  170. Tire puncture
  171. IMA Light; Code 77
  172. 12-volt battery charging voltage?
  173. Check engine light flashes five times
  174. Bucking and studder when coming to stop only???
  175. IMA battery totally down
  176. WTB Driver side mirror
  177. Parasitic drain on my 2000 Insight
  178. IMA + check engine light
  179. Maintenance Routine for Good IMA Battery?
  180. Wheel spats don't fit all that well
  181. IMA battery at 166v after 12 hrs of charging
  182. Pretty sure I just broke the A/C compressor...
  183. Flaky intermittent IMA assist....
  184. sticky break pedal???
  185. '04 Insight wont turn over, 12v battery sparks, only started with a jumper pack.
  186. Cabin air filter
  187. Loss of Charge After Overnight Grid Balancing
  188. OBDIIC&C din't reset P1449
  189. Driver side window regulator exploded
  190. Knock retard OBDIIC&C
  191. Instrument Cluster
  192. Bad/Leaking Motor Mount
  193. First Post-P1576 error/Grid Charger
  194. Engine hesitating with A/C after idler pulley/belt replacement.
  195. What keeps the 12v battery charged ?
  196. Low RPM misfire
  197. Weird numbers on OBDII
  198. Recently purchased ze1 teething trouble
  199. Honda insight 2000 problem battery
  200. Is this a stripped spark plug?
  201. Bolt Size for LAF wireharness mount
  202. Auto Idle Stop not functioning
  203. Long-time lurker, now in need of quick IMA advice!
  204. Mima joystick problem
  205. Cleaned Fuel Injectors
  206. Adjusted valves and re-gapped plugs
  207. Penetrating Oil Home Brew and Stuck Bolts
  208. Oops! 100 AMP Main Fuse BLOWN! Where to Buy ?
  209. New to Insight
  210. Click, click, flicker?
  211. p0420 3 way cat below threshold
  212. O2 Sensor code
  213. Car won't turn over
  214. 2003 insight-high pitched intermittent squeal?
  215. 2002 1speed Auto - ISB Input Shaft Bearing???
  216. Howling Sound When In Gear
  217. Door hinge replacement? Bushings?
  218. I kinda hate my car- A/C blows warm, etc
  219. It's got me and the mechanics stumped...
  220. rotary chirpy squeak noise (speed related)
  221. airbag indicator lamp
  222. Steering sometimes "heavy", takes effort
  223. CVT Won't Start or Shift
  224. Anyone had P1792 Transaxle Concern?
  225. "Bucking" between gears
  226. OK, I forgot....where is it???
  227. Parts
  228. O2 Sensors on 2001 CVT - Ordered From Amazon
  229. Ac question.
  230. Blinking green "D" light
  231. EGR plate cleaned Good RESULTS, so far:)!
  232. Gearbox rebuild query (I'm missing a bit)
  233. Failed IMA 12v Battery fans
  234. how to turn on mpg on trip a and b
  235. 1449 Code
  236. Is this an easy or tough repair?
  237. Replacing rear wiper motor
  238. Deleted or not working? -Trouble codes, Diagnostics, and Links
  239. No auto stop IMA Start
  240. Knocking noise in suspension
  241. Cylinder two Misfire
  242. Engine swap and now no spark
  243. Cylinder Two Misfire?/ battery light troubleshoot
  244. Problem: Fuel on then off
  245. Herky Jerky: Timing issues?
  246. Weird Electric window issues
  247. Looking at a CVT with a mostly bad XMSN, worth it?
  248. Feels like a new car now!!!
  249. help- my 2000MT may need new tranny- used/rebuild opinions
  250. There's a big hole in my engine