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Problems and Troubleshooting

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  1. Corrosion on battery exhaust fan port
  2. Dead SOC gauge + Fuel gauge, 12v not charging
  3. Warranty replaced IMA battery failing?
  4. charge lights and brake light on gauge cluster
  5. Unknown vibration 56mph cruising help need advice (video incl)
  6. brake light on dash
  7. P0141
  8. Battery Bars Disappear Problem
  9. Has anyone seen a CVT flywheel assembly fail in this manner before?
  10. Cat to Cat rattle
  11. Won't Start On 12v And Fault Code.
  12. disconnected BCM and now she won't start
  13. Another transmission thread
  14. Warning! Drivers Window Motor
  15. O2 sensor for CVT
  16. What to do? 2000 Insight 125,000 + miles, 50mpg: dashboard warnings, IMA, & crash
  17. test post
  18. Grid Charger Installed...Have Question
  19. Coolant leak hazard
  20. Need help repairing: prev. owner hacked up the dash wiring harness
  21. P-0134, 0135, 1166, 1167
  22. Window Motor Replacement
  23. OBII Readiness Indicator
  24. Top secret information withheld
  25. Gauge cluster failure
  26. Single grid charge cures battery?
  27. How many of you need to recharge your AC?
  28. Driving with a P1576 & no IMA
  29. Security system not recognizing remotes
  30. Manual Transmission weight
  31. just got mine Thursday but have a problem
  32. IMA Issues... (Code #78)
  33. Water pooling on weather stripping and spilling into cabin
  34. Do you need to reset SOC indicator after grid charge?
  35. Crazy error in dash MPG indicators
  36. Does this motor mount look shot to you?
  37. Lag around 3000RPM
  38. Quick help..replacing 3rd O2 sensor
  39. Any ideas on what this sounds like? Video inside.
  40. High Idle (3000-4000 RPM) when > 3 MPH
  41. Intermittent AC
  42. 00 Insight power loss
  43. check engine is light
  44. now tranny noise, this is getting old fast!
  45. Annoying engine noise in radio
  46. brake and 12V battery lights coming on
  47. P1449
  48. Emergency brake drag
  49. 58000 miles and 2nd Gear synchos + grinding noise
  50. Engine sweating oil on passanger side
  51. 2006 MT Transmission Leak and crack found
  52. Noise under the car
  53. Dealer installed IMA 1/12 just failed
  54. P1570 help
  55. IMA Light
  56. P1259: A problem in the VTEC pressure switch circuit or VTEC solenoid valve circuit.
  57. why obdiic&c v004 can't show ECT Iat Fin Afr on my honda insight 2001?
  58. problem with a super brain 989 calibration
  59. Had my CVT rebuilt and have IMA question/problem
  60. IMA light
  61. Transmission Rebuild
  62. ECU / ECM US to Canada model differences
  63. UK/euro owners, prefered tyre?
  64. Manual transmission issue
  65. P1447 with infrequent driving
  66. Need help dealing with heat (I think)
  67. OMG, a friggin miracle after changing CVT fluid
  68. Passenger Side Leak in Footwell
  69. Exterior Climate Control Temperature Sensor Location?
  70. how do u make the car gas only?
  71. IMA light on; charge gauge not moving but car drives fine
  72. Squeek..squeek...Squeek...squeek
  73. Need a field charger!!!
  74. Under Dash Fuse Box Question
  75. engine cooling system questions
  76. Do I need a new 12V battery? And other questions and concerns
  77. Cam and Cylinder Head Issues
  78. Trouble with charging
  79. **HELP!!** Driver side axle will not reseat!!
  80. help with an IMA battery problem
  81. help with an IMA battery problem
  82. fuel pump
  83. damaged the ima resistor, do you know what is the replace
  84. ticking on radio related to engine speed
  85. Any bolt issues swapping coils?
  86. I need a radio code.
  87. Timing Chain noise?
  88. Window Run Channel Seal Replacement
  89. Anyone In Or Around Northeast Ohio?
  90. Restart becoming intermittant after auto-stop
  91. Why you should not wait (too long) to replace your ISB (pics)
  92. new owner, problems already :)
  93. Judder when AC clicks on
  94. Found source of rattle on startup, axles, what to do?
  95. ign switch
  96. NAPA thermostat test
  97. FAULT CODES? IMA/engine light on...
  98. Metalic chirpping sound.
  99. Metalic chirpping sound.
  100. Cluster f*&K of issues..dead gauges,12v dying,etc..etc
  101. Arg, at my wit's end here (Non-CVT related judder)
  102. Insufficient IMA, Battery always shows full
  103. Lean burn not working.
  104. Discrepancy between ECU-direct coolant temp and engine temperature gauge
  105. Stuttering idle at startup
  106. ISB, or just loud gears?
  107. Diagnosing dragging brakes...
  108. Important Info for anyone with broken window switch
  109. Gas Mileage Drop, No Change in Driving Habits
  110. 2005 CVT Replacement
  111. Help identifying a missing part
  112. problem lights
  113. broken driver window. story continues...
  114. 2000 INSIGHT P1162 and occasionally P0134 Error Codes
  115. P1565
  116. brake line replacement
  117. oil pan???
  118. 23700 Miles Dash Light Problem
  119. Rosta cuise controller not playing nice with mima..
  120. 2000 MT not charging 12v
  121. Rear hub
  122. EGR gasket replacement - OEM honda/acura generic part
  123. Haven't figured out how to remove spoiler. Help?
  124. Codes more frequent
  125. ima light/p1576 code
  126. Stutters at moderate loads, not EGR
  127. Front end rattle going over bumps.
  128. Lower motor mount
  129. CVT stopped working suddenly - any ideas
  130. Another great reason to buy the OBDII C&C
  131. hey guys, I need some engine replacement help
  132. Considering Insight needing new CVT belt
  133. Cooling fan switch
  134. separating transmission from the engine
  135. DEAD 1st Gen Insight
  136. Car locks automatically when lifting door handle
  137. Acceleration Judder - Its not the CVT, its the...
  138. Speedometer at Zero
  139. AC Compressor not Enaging
  140. cylinder head parts & gaskets
  141. ----> Odd Location Coolant Leak<----- ***HELP***
  142. Bad differential bearing - Need help
  143. IMA Troubleshooting Headaches Part 2 - P1443 - 12v won't charge
  144. Noise While Turning/Backing Up at Slow Speeds
  145. Stumbling and loss of power episodes
  146. Mileage lower after cleaning EGR?
  147. Mpg gauge missing
  148. Wheel speed sensor and MPGuino issues
  149. 2000 won't start
  150. ABS Modulator
  151. Driver's side power window motor replacement
  152. transmission going into gear/not working
  153. Crash Damage
  154. locating cv axle
  155. IMA battery was fine - check the engine grounds
  156. bad head gasket?
  157. Slight noice/Sticky Shifting
  158. Insight brake fluid change problems
  159. In need of some help/ advice
  160. Auto Stop with charge,oil pressure and brake light
  161. Total Power Down
  162. Jerking coming out of lean burn
  163. P1576 troubleshooting - stuck on POWER RELAY TEST
  164. my a/c is charged fully but wont kick on?????
  165. valve adjustment
  166. Transmission (CVT): Dealer Says I Need a New One
  167. IMA light
  168. Rear wheel alignment
  169. Help Please, 30k Service/Trip Button
  170. Sway bar
  171. Unwelcome steering "help" from EPS?
  172. Picking up '01 with unknown history. Dead 12V battery. IMA condition unknown
  173. OH NO - Window Seal Woes
  174. Third time's the charm?
  175. Trying to disconnect BCM Connectors
  176. Need help with P0420 and P1164 codes
  177. passenger power door lock problem
  178. Broken clutch pressure plate clip
  179. help asap needed front wipers stopped working
  180. IMA Battery Main Switch failure???
  181. IMA light, codes 1166, 1449, 1568....any help appreciated.
  182. Replaced transmission battery issues
  183. Check Engine/IMA Light
  184. IMA failure
  185. Jerking at cruise, blocked the EGR, no change.. help!
  186. New battery / brake light issue when shifting
  187. Reset IMA from under the hood
  188. New Headlamps?
  189. question re: startup after transmission teardown
  190. Engine forced shutoff and IMA discharge
  191. Rear screen washer
  192. What could be the cause of inop IMA in this 2000?
  193. UK Cat Failure
  194. Drivers side water leak
  195. Where to start to repair? P0113, P1443, P1445 & P1577
  196. BCM replacement issue for 2000 Insight M/T
  197. engine replacement
  198. Alternative for OEM O2 sensor
  199. 5-speed in reverse and the car shudders starting off.
  200. So I was a bit of a jerk to my car...
  201. Loud valves - adjusted and no better
  202. New owner of 2001 Gen1 with transmission problems
  203. No more hybrid battery assist
  204. My IMA light went off? Plus your favoriate, "help me figure out what that sound is!"
  205. DTC for Insight
  206. Engine Oil leaking from Transmission bell housing
  207. Gauge Cluster
  208. Honda HCF-2 CVT Fluid
  209. Warped wheel
  210. Replacing a bad 12V battery fixed IMA issues - is that possible?
  211. Are all belt fasteners the same?
  212. Location of Alarm Main Unit?
  213. CEL p0134 and Many LAF sensor part Numbers listed for Primary/Upstream
  214. Seeking clarification on 02 sensor
  215. Pulling fuse to reset SOC question
  216. New to insights and having a transmission issue. Need guidance
  217. Minor Issue: Rattling
  218. replacing 12-volt battery solved herky-jerky, regen
  219. ABS light every time a get to 90 mph
  220. Security system and keyfob variants
  221. Rear trailing bracket torque value?
  222. Regen while coasting with 20 bars?
  223. Problem solved: Jerkiness at from stop
  224. Overheating.
  225. Power windows are slow
  226. Manual transmission countershaft nut thread question
  227. Common Topics/FAQ/DIYs/Info Can be found here- ***PLEASE READ THIS FIRST***
  228. IMA light turned off & engine is charging?
  229. Question about shiny stuff on clutch springs
  230. Bleep in Auto Stop-start and SOC loss...
  231. Horrifying problem - won't start; dies at stoplights
  232. P0122 TPS Low Input
  233. Mechanic in the Madison, WI area?
  234. Driving with IMA light on
  235. Anyone in Bay Area with a Grid Changer/Balancer that I could use?
  236. Looking for information: How does IMA system bypass/shut down 12V starter
  237. Clutch Failure Symptoms
  238. Rear brake drum problems
  239. UK Flat battery
  240. Herky jerky finally fixed!
  241. questions...bought my 2nd insight for cheap
  242. Is this recal "normal?"
  243. Need IMA repair or replacement advice
  244. Misfire Rotten Egg Smell
  245. start clutch removal
  246. No regen or assist IMA full charge
  247. Auto Stop started behaving strangely, Malfunction Indicator lamp coming on & low mpg
  248. high cvt rpms
  249. Which replacement Input Shaft Bearing to order?
  250. HELP Loud metal grinding noise from engine (Video)