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Problems and Troubleshooting

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  1. Gen 1 consistent noise front.. any help?
  2. How to change Oil Pan Gaskets
  3. Intermittent P1649
  4. 220 Degrees going over the Grapevine today. Is that safe?
  5. 2001 MT w 188k miles- need to replace engine
  6. What are the very best rear shocks?
  7. Trip Mileage way Lower than calculated mileage
  8. Window/ ac problems and transmission flush
  9. Recal after unplugging mcm/bcm or ima fuses
  10. Driver's side parking brake won't engage
  11. Need recommendation for type of charger/ MPG help
  12. No Assist No Charging No SOC???
  13. Car sounds like crickets under the hood, what is the noise from?
  14. Parts Question
  15. Car runs great after ECU "flash"
  16. Hybrid revolt harness directions help on gen1 civic
  17. Intermittent Window Function
  18. Is valve timing something we can tweak?
  19. Air Conditioner side effects
  20. MasterTech ET2100MTS Scanner w/OEM Honda program
  21. Tiny cracks at fuel pump assembly caused fuel leak
  22. OBDll codes: P1447, P1449
  23. Voltage jumping between 14.X and 12.X on drive to work this morning
  24. Piston head deposits
  25. Anyone have a spare IMA battery near Northeast PA?
  26. Brake issue
  27. Trick to keep Ima lite out
  28. Ignition coil connectors
  29. Spark plug stuck
  30. P0560 P1440 codes
  31. Doors not unlocking
  32. P1443 and P1444 codes
  33. IMA battery not starting car after "cleaning" contacts on Trip button/circuit bd
  34. Low RPM after long autostop
  35. Help for another new guy?
  36. Grid charger malfunction question
  37. Removing and replacing 12v battery - square bolt and radio code
  38. No IMA after balance/recharge
  39. Autostop issues
  40. Need to replace Ballast resistor! Where to buy?
  41. Bonked on the Nose
  42. Denso coils?
  43. Started normally for 1 second then never turn on again.
  44. Aftermarket catalytic converter or bypass?
  45. 2002 CVT rebuild
  46. Does engine auto-shut off with low oil?
  47. Rear hatch won't open, can't remove mechanism
  48. Ordered 16040-S3Y-A00 Fuel Pipe, Received....What?
  49. Is the spare tire box structural?
  50. Engine ECU wet/corroded
  51. Rotted rear fuel line
  52. New guy needs help.
  53. Shifting Problems After ISB Replacement
  54. GAZ Shocks leaking?
  55. Bad Neutral safety switch on CVT?
  56. P1600, Code 72
  57. Battery and Brake Light Flashing IMA Disabled
  58. New Owner
  59. Replacing front frame
  60. 2000 Insight Shifter Cable unavailable
  61. P0560 P1580 P1586 codes
  62. Trip Button
  63. What is this rubber piece??
  64. At my witts end
  65. S.O.S from LA, SoCal
  66. Resurrecting an old pack. Charging stopped at 110V
  67. Stupid grid charging question
  68. IMA & Engine management lights on
  69. Engine dies, hard to start sometimes
  70. p 1457 code Evap troubleshoot
  71. Noise when going over bumps
  72. IMA on, blink code 69, SOC 1 bar, but IMA start. What's wrong?
  73. p0301, idle vibration
  74. Replace CV Boot or whole Axle?
  75. Hard Shifting
  76. 1449 code.
  77. Big transmission problem, please help!!! Car won't move in any gear.
  78. 12v Starter Works When Jumped But Not With Key
  79. Puzzler: low idle when restarted hot after 10 minutes
  80. Clicking when attempting to start
  81. Lower control arm - source?
  82. Replacement 12v battery?
  83. P0420 and Rich to Lean sensor switch time
  84. IMA system not operating questions
  85. CVT gear position and S-mode dash lights only glow briefly, auto-stop doesn't work
  86. head swap observations
  87. Right engine mount help
  88. Stuck getting head off
  89. non-commanded full assist burst after commanded full assist event
  90. LHD and RHD parts suitability
  91. new interior carpet floor?
  92. p2646 no start- 2005 cvt
  93. P1444 on transplanted battery
  94. Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Fun
  95. Check Engine Light Blink Code 70
  96. Location of Spark Plug Index Letters
  97. Failed smog due to computer reset
  98. Loud noise when I start my car w/heat on
  99. Fuel pump shuts off as soon as the car starts?
  100. no fuel bars with full tank
  101. Engine won't crank
  102. Cat or ECM?
  103. Immobilizer Antenna Ring Failure
  104. Hatch support struts
  105. Can I force close driver side window? Switch bad.
  106. Rostra wireless cruise button rattles
  107. Trunk won't close!
  108. 2001 w/CVT still won't move
  109. Wiring help
  110. Increasing spread of subpacks after storage
  111. Day to day MPG fluctuation
  112. SOC hangs at 1bar no IMA light
  113. IMA/CEL, Battery won't hold a charge after grid charging
  114. Knocking when coming out AUTO STOP
  115. Investigating another CVT failure
  116. No crank on bypassed car that was fine for months
  117. Ima aaaahhhh!
  118. 2001 MT with Engine problems and stuck rear hatch
  119. Cold weather grid charging - voltage reaches peak then starts to drop
  120. DRC-11 upgrade kit installation
  121. DTC P1640 - reoccuring
  122. Front end noise
  123. Hatch lid latch sticks. Doesn't whirr - cam was replaced with laser printed part.
  124. What happens when the hybrid battery is dead?
  125. 2006 MT Stuck in gear - even in neutral
  126. US help for UK insight!! 19510-PHM-000
  127. Timing Chain jumped
  128. Question about OBD2C&C and disabling IMA system, got IMA light today...
  129. Stereo wiring short?
  130. Skid plate is bent and needs to be replaced
  131. Looking for East Coast repair shop
  132. High, hunting idle speed CVT
  133. Replacing the 12V battery fixed my IMA issues?
  134. Why no lights and no numbers from battery
  135. Beam wiper blade not making full contact in the middle
  136. Another Auto-Stop Issue
  137. Dies while driving!!!!
  138. Little carpet clip
  139. Passenger windo not working!
  140. My Issues... Solutions?
  141. Heater blend door control - no defrost
  142. Heater not working (long explanation)
  143. Two separate noises that vary with both RPM and speed
  144. IMA bypassed, 12V was working, now no start
  145. 2018 Wiper flop/slap/issue thread
  146. Body work
  147. 2001 honda insight transmission - goes into gear but won't move
  148. Bucking Bronko
  149. Low mpg and some jerking
  150. Temporary P1449?
  151. Wind noise fix?
  152. Bonnet latch is jammed: replacement cable needed
  153. P1438 Troubleshooting
  154. HCH refuses to charge but no IMA light until revved
  155. Weight of Manual Transmission??
  156. 2004 honda civic IMA problem
  157. Door knocking when opening
  158. Internal failure of the SRS Unit and inspection.
  159. Do I have a bad BCM? please help
  160. 2000 MT Will Run Fine But Won't Go Into Any Gear
  161. How to open hatch
  162. Tip if you have MT with bad 2nd gear synchro
  163. Low MPG fixed with a can of snake oil
  164. Proper way//material to seal the clips to fix wet seatbelt issue
  165. 01 Insight CVT shudder/jerky starting out
  166. 2001 insight 5 speed
  167. 2006 with a weird electrical issue
  168. head lights don't work
  169. Grid Charging Problem SOLVED
  170. Grid Charging/Discharging Problems
  171. Water Damage to ECM on 2005 G1 MT 37820-PHM-A21
  172. Low power, TPS only reading 89 floored.
  173. p1162 (48) Need Help With LAF Sensor Location/Replacement
  174. Fuel pump not running
  175. p0134 and p1162....Just the LAF o2 Sensor?
  176. Anyone within 100 miles or so of Los Angeles(Lomita, CA)?
  177. Light bucking and no power at light throttle, no CELs, poor mpg
  178. Miracle in a bottle?
  179. Long-term storage and P0505/P1576 codes
  180. P0128 - another perspective
  181. IMA pack fan issues
  182. P0420 Code and SOC Indications
  183. Grid Charger Doesn't Work - Need help
  184. The original remote control does not work.
  185. Rear Window Sprayer...Not!
  186. Low Beam out, High beams good
  187. Hard-to-start (clicking) + 02 error codes + IMA issues
  188. Delayed Start!
  189. Wet interior
  190. P1457 then no start
  191. Trouble starting from cold and auto stop
  192. Shattering experience
  193. Fuel Gauge not working- sometimes full most time empty
  194. Sudden drive line vibration 2005 Insight
  195. Pops out of 4th gear, otherwise normal
  196. Pictures Input shaft bearing (ISB) replaced
  197. Engine lifting for engine mount change
  198. Spark plugs and Knock sensor
  199. Tail lights not working
  200. Car won't start up
  201. Parasitic discharge of 12v battery
  202. If IMA and no charge/assist, will 144v battery eventually die?
  203. Can deep discharge ruin IMA battery?
  204. AutoStop quit working and pending P0135
  205. Rear wheel wobble after hitting a bump a highway speeds or I'm corner
  206. Newbie with Grid Charger Questions
  207. Commutation errors
  208. Transmission hard to shift into and out of 1st&2nd
  209. Replacement speaker for 2002
  210. CVT transmission fluid leak
  211. Loose spark plugs!
  212. CVT brakes squeal.
  213. Grid Charging/Discharging & IMA battery sources
  214. Running rough
  215. 2002 PGM-F1 Main Relay has no diode conections
  216. IMA Bypass Mode
  217. Mystery Leak
  218. RIP to my beloved '05 CVT
  219. What do you need help with your G1 Insight today?
  220. No IMA start
  221. Starting Issue
  222. Gaz Shocks question
  223. How to use / tell if this grid charger is working
  224. Cabin light out of function
  225. Service trans fluid per maint guidelines or not?
  226. Oil Leak, chain tensioner & spool valve
  227. LiFePo4 cells substitute?
  228. Running Rough? 2001 5MT
  229. Car won't start. Clicking sound.
  230. WOT and a/c not cutting out?
  231. Dashboard switches - for trip/dash lights available from me for UK and Europe owners
  232. error code P2646
  233. Flywheel Resurfacing Issues
  234. Climate Control Light bulbs
  235. Help! Car won't start - stranded!
  236. MIMA on/off switch
  237. Jumping in with two feet, er , cars.
  238. Dash switches - trip button etc.. - again! Can someone in USA help UK owners?
  239. IMA Battery - What to Do?
  240. IMA light comes on before car starts
  241. Ima light has come on
  242. Rapid power loss on IMA battery
  243. Catalytic Converter
  244. Sudden IMA failure P1445 and P1438
  245. Blink Codes Question
  246. Car begins to buckle when quickly accelerating
  247. Blink code 32, CVT stuck in low, no IMA or charging
  248. Check engine code 41? MDM short?
  249. Engine Rattle
  250. P1644 + p1444