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MPG Issues

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  1. MPG Lower - 2011 Insight
  2. Car is driving through molasses now.
  3. Ask not what you can do for your car ask what you can do for mine!
  4. Owners with deleted IMA batteries - what are your avg MPGs?
  5. A little insight
  6. CRZ an me!!!!!????
  7. 45mpg?
  8. Traded Insights, new insight seems like it drives better, but much worse mpg
  9. All Hail – All Hail– All Hail it's Boat Tail Time All Hell
  10. 43 mpg?
  11. Mods vs ROI - where does it end
  12. Just got to know
  13. New Insight: MPG Concerns, recommendations?
  14. Winter mpg blues
  15. New Battery - Same MPG - etc
  16. 29.1 030392 What would cause this low MPG
  17. Cold weather / full battery / heavy background charge
  18. Calculated MPG significantly (consistently up to 15mpg) lower than FCD MPG
  19. Mileage Report
  20. Lean Burn Not Working with New O2 Sensors
  21. MPG Dropped after 3nd and 3rd O2 Sensors Replaced
  22. Tire sizes
  23. Successfull research and purchase of a new EGR valve
  24. MPG issues 2000 5spd
  25. Worst Tank MPG
  26. Hypermiling in a nutshell
  27. Mpg issues with my 01 5spd 73k miles
  28. Where to go from here?
  29. Lean burn
  30. New '01 5-speed owner, want the final word on HX rim vs. stock concerning MPG
  31. Imbalanced battery?
  32. Touching base
  33. Proposed Metric for Comparing MPG
  34. IMA Assist Question
  35. Tire Talk 2016
  36. No 87 octane
  37. Missing All Under body panels, Difficult maintaing speed in LB at 55 mph, Odd hissing
  38. 48 mpg??
  39. Hypermiling
  40. No Auto-Stop, no Lean Burn
  41. MPG without IMA
  42. Maintaining Speed in Lean Burn
  43. how do you guys get good mileage at high speeds
  44. I dont feel im getting into lean burn? help?
  45. Improved performance and driving technique
  46. 45mpg downhill with assist.
  47. Anyone here "tune" our ecu's? (disable purge function)?
  48. Getting a little over 60mpg hypermiling, please help!
  49. Using 70% alcohol fuel
  50. MPG with disconnected IMA
  51. Expert advice on pulse-and-glide?
  52. Does My Car Stereo Amp Cause a MPG Hit?
  53. Why I lost MPG's??
  54. CVT Hypermile?
  55. Idle Air Control Valve
  56. Trucker tried to shake me tailing him!
  57. 48.8 lifetime MPG after 150,000 miles.
  58. '01 Automatic 1st Gen, IMA light, 28mpg
  59. Info
  60. MPG's in the mid 30's. What am I missing?
  61. battery charger no reading connected to battery, car no power
  62. What is effecting my mpg the most?
  63. Fill up often or run it dry
  64. Rain
  65. Maybe a problem?
  66. Lifetime mpg ?
  67. Introduction to my 2000 MT Insight and the quest for more MPGs since purchase
  68. Multihole Injector possible upgrade need a set
  69. O2 Sensor life
  70. Lower MPG at 45'ish deg F air temps
  71. How Low Do You Go? how High?
  72. 2004 Honda Insight CVT MPG help
  73. New(ish) owner - even with brand MAXIMA, still bad mileage
  74. MPG gauges incorrect after unplugging IMA battery!
  75. New LRR Dulop Enasave 01 A/S
  76. Cool weather returning
  77. A few things fixed. 48 to 57 mpg
  78. A few things fixed
  79. My MPG
  80. Basic Things Checked, Suggestions?
  81. Hypermiling Techniques
  82. swapped wheels big difference!
  83. new owner mpg concern
  84. new engine and gearbox oil - less mpg???
  85. Why is my MPG so low?
  86. Mild weather, improved mpg
  87. Efficiency at highway speeds
  88. $$ I didn't give to the oil company
  89. Temperature sensitive?
  90. Should I be getting better mpg's?
  91. Under engine aero panel
  92. Will I benefit installing a Warm Air Intake, in Hawaii?
  93. 4th gear = 54.8 mpg
  94. anyone buy reman fuel injectors?
  95. Cold weather warm up procedure
  96. Mid Grade Fuel Much Better?
  97. ????? mpg
  98. Happy Newbie with Newbie Questions
  99. Expected MPG at low ambient temps.
  100. 2000 MT disappointing MPG / lean burn
  101. MPG Calculation Accuracy
  102. Impact of heater on MPGs
  103. 2001 CVT MPG Issues!!
  104. Super MPG
  105. The UPS and downs of a trip
  106. New 2010 Owner... wierd mpg issues
  107. 010 BCM *and* 010 MCM - Ever seen this before?
  108. FAS...options?
  109. Things I would like to advice
  110. Cooler Temps and MPG
  111. Drafting
  112. 33mpg average.... Cat clogged, cant change it....
  113. Hauling With the Insight - How Does it Affect MPG?
  114. Help!! Brand new better battery but still only getting 45 mpg
  115. Auto Stop not working in ECON mode
  116. Assist feeling weak, regen feel useless,battery level always low? Pump up your tires!
  117. What ever happened to the diesel conversion insight project?
  118. Catalytic Converter Purges
  119. NEW RE92 is Terrible for Fuel Economy
  120. Summer mix give better fuel mileage?
  121. MPG gone down, any tricks!?
  122. Major MPG Issues out of Nowhere - Have BB
  123. Early Cars May Well Beat Late Cars on Fuel Economy
  124. Sticky Post, check list?
  125. Just got my 2000 Insight 5MT, has dead IMA battery
  126. Best acceleration technique
  127. Does Anyone Know Part # of the First ECM
  128. New high score on the drive to work: 49.5mpg
  129. Dropping mileage
  130. Benefits of Year-Round Engine Block Heater Use
  131. what ECU/etc do I have?
  132. ECU version can have BIG impact on MPGs!
  133. best way to improve mpg
  134. auto restart intermittant
  135. Lean Burn
  136. tires
  137. *010/*020 vs *030 BCM for best MPGs?
  138. Tire air pressure loss-
  139. MPG problem
  140. My Best MPG So Far
  141. What to try next?
  142. Another EGR Plate posting...
  143. Insight has a built in TPS mod !?!?!
  144. Anyone tried these products for improved MPG?
  145. My Commute MPGs
  146. Huge mpg boost after filling up
  147. Indexed Spark Plugs
  148. Would a malfunctioning O2 sensor affect MPG?
  149. Is this normal MPG
  150. Stuck in a rut *help*
  151. Sevens Bragging Rights
  152. Drive it like you stole it, with the headlights on.
  153. Wow, am I getting average CVT mpg or above average?
  154. From 50+ down to 41 mpg !?!?
  155. 1st 20 mile city drive gets me 34.5MPG??
  156. How Much Does the IMA actually help?
  157. 85mpg !! New Personal Best
  158. A Few Quick Questions
  159. 70.2 MPG Personal best!!
  160. Bought a 2005 Honda Insight on my 18th birthday and MPG is low?
  161. New Insight Owner... Am I hearing you all Correctly? Only at 58mpg
  162. Lower gas mileage with larger tires
  163. Ultra-Gauge & Lean Burn Load+TPS<65=LB
  164. 80 mpg for 700 miles! Personal best
  165. Tip on being a bigger gas miser - anyone do this?
  166. Stuck at 55mpg!
  167. Poor MPG - willing to spend to fix
  168. Finally understand Lean Burn
  169. 2 months, 4 days, I finally got gas
  170. I'm still getting bad mileage after tune-up.
  171. Negotiating Hills
  172. Think twice about drafting...
  173. Cleaned my EGR Plate, Throttle Body, as well as my EGR Valve today
  174. New tires, better MPG?
  175. Fuel economy mods - by the numbers
  176. high mileage efficiency
  177. Is the freway where the Insight really shines in mpg?
  178. Have you replaced your knock sensor?
  179. Honda Jazz Hybrid -Michelin tyres
  180. Quick poor MPG test on 100k-ish cars
  181. Over 300K miles on '01 Insight 5-speed
  182. Just Purchased 02 Insight 140k miles, 25MPG so far
  183. Will a new air filter improve mpg and other questions
  184. First 0 degree day + snow driving
  185. Scan gauage and lean burn
  186. Newbie Question regarding "low" MPG?
  187. Michelin Energy Saver tires
  188. What are the best ways to increase MPG?
  189. CVT owners: How did I do on my mileage?
  190. P&G on CVT-any real benefit
  191. Understanding MPG computations
  192. mpg
  193. Artric and other PHEVers: how do you get good mileage on short trips?
  194. Mods and FCD inaccuracies. MPGuino?
  195. Troubleshooting my 2000 Insight
  196. FCD not reading correct mpg?
  197. Impact on fuel economy with bad ISB?
  198. Using ScanGauge to find ICE sweet spot
  199. CVT sweet spot at 68mph?
  200. Lean burn when not quite warmed up
  201. effect of underbelly panels on mpg
  202. Age deterioration and loss in MPG
  203. What's your normal MPG at 55MPH?
  204. Some lean burn thoughts, 80mph LB.
  205. Experiment: Insight Lean Burn versus P&G
  206. ECM and trouble codes
  207. Battling Lean Burn Purge Cycles
  208. How am I doing? New owner trying to hypermile!
  209. Good reference Car&Driver article effect of tire/wheel changes on mpg
  210. Insight Record?
  211. Tire Pressure Observations
  212. -13 Deg C and still > 100 MPG
  213. How low can you go???
  214. Heater controls set to "Cold" = much faster warm-up
  215. MPG reading not matching up... anyone else??
  216. FCD vs Scangauge II
  217. EPA updates status of E15 waiver request
  218. How to check gas for ethanol
  219. Unwanted ethanol mandate
  220. What to buy? Manual VS Auto
  221. BAd mileage during first highway trip
  222. the 1,2,5 sequence?
  223. Winter Tires
  224. Lo, the Righteous and Just are eventually rewarded...
  225. Service in Boston/West Boston for Insight-I??
  226. 2001 CVT mileage issues
  227. Bad Gas killing MPGs?
  228. Is it normal to lose 15+ MPG running the AC nonstop?
  229. Worth replacing a warped underbody panel?
  230. EGR Plate, Gasket & Valve Cleaning - MPG!
  231. Achieving High MPG on Freeway Trips
  232. Low Mileage issues
  233. Forced Auto Stop
  234. Shutting engine off while in auto-stop to park
  235. Model Year MPG differences
  236. Looking for clarification on driving tips for maximizing MPG
  237. Plug In Charger for Insight
  238. Awful MPG after 60K service
  239. Low Gas mileage? Spark Plugs
  240. CVT coasting in Neutral?
  241. Scan Gauge II vs Auterra (Palm) comparison
  242. Newbie still learning
  243. Newbe trying to get better mileage
  244. Air flow stabalization
  245. Newbie qustion on lean burn and mileage
  246. 2000MT- 42mpg in Akron Ohio :( - Brrrrrrrrr
  247. car has driven for 20+ miles on empty tank of gas
  248. New trip MPG record... 91.6!
  249. Normal when cold?
  250. 85 MPG average non/modded