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Modifications and Technical Issues

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  1. JDM Engine & Trans Swap Thread
  2. Avr Mega 88 'C' experts help!
  3. Spoiling the Insight experience
  4. IMA reconditioning questions
  5. Random idea about MDM and pack cooling
  6. recommended maintenance at 115,000?
  7. Looking for OBDIIC&C owners to help me run a quick test
  8. Successful LTO Conversion
  9. Bent synchronizer "springs"
  10. The Hot Hatchening.
  11. Using IMA motor as starter on gas-only Insights
  12. Under car photo?
  13. Head unit wiring harness
  14. Is the IMA Battery Tied to Chassis Ground?
  15. Meanwell PSU Rectifier Bypass
  16. Sophie's Tire Choice.....
  17. A couple 'granular' questions about OEM spark plugs
  18. Lto bms?
  19. Extra Ground Cables from salvaged DC/DC
  20. The BCM Replacer hardware build thread
  21. Toyota MGR?
  22. Pcb design for controller for electric ac compressor
  23. What engine?
  24. Newbie: Where to start?
  25. Where I can find a bodykit for my insight?
  26. Help me understand the evap system
  27. Bench Stand Alone Discharger Harness
  28. 2019 Current Hack PCB
  29. EGR Valve Update
  30. Fuse for grid charger harness
  31. Using grid charger to Cycle Batteries??
  32. MIMA dead after battery reinstall
  33. Bigger IMA fuses for Current Hacks..
  34. That blinking paperclip... SCS brown wire...
  35. Lithium Conversion Owners. How many series cells?
  36. Resurrecting a suspect Bumblebee pack
  37. Rainsux LTO Conversion
  38. Throttle body and/or intake manifold spacer?
  39. Ordered GAZ rear shocks
  40. IMA Battery will not charge on level road at constant speed
  41. Raw fuel smell
  42. Single DIN drop down radio
  43. LTO Layout #2
  44. Manual Battery Boost Switch
  45. Help Clarifying Grid Charging Solution
  46. OT: Consumer reports used car reliability ratings
  47. Bull Dog’s HCH Transmission Swap Anthology
  48. Yet another noise attenuation thread
  49. CD changer connector source?
  50. New door and rear speaker recommendations
  51. Rear shocks - where to buy? - UK
  52. That $27.99 S2000 steering wheel cover...
  53. GPS Mount Solutions
  54. PANAFLO 9 L 14AN-2C IMA battery fan
  55. Full mima system for sell
  56. Can cruise control be added?
  57. Strake
  58. Starter gone AWOL
  59. Opportunity to buy a OEM battery for $100
  60. Strut Replacement with Aftermarket/other OEM part
  61. Is shielded cable necessary for OBDIIC&C?
  62. High Tide for the ECU causes No Start/No Crank
  63. TLC cam
  64. A/C compressor cut out Arduino project.
  65. CD changer cable
  66. High voltage coming showing on grid charger
  67. Aftermarket Motor Controller
  68. Installing Rostra cruise control
  69. Switching between meanwell and stock DC-DC with selector?
  70. Electric Turbo After Failed NiMH Cells
  71. IMA motor delete?
  72. Data bus to connect Insight projects
  73. Need press, have EGR tester
  74. Pinout for Prolong Charger Harness
  75. Stick Conditioning - What Current to Use?
  76. Will the HCH 1 IMA work in the Insight?
  77. Does the Hatch Button on the Fob Work?
  78. Cleaning the A/C evaporator
  79. If
  80. OBDIIC&C switch cap sourcing needed
  81. LTO What a Joy to Drive
  82. Ignition coil testing
  83. What would it take?
  84. Automated Battery Charger/Discharger & Cycler
  85. Which Chinese supplier for replacement sticks?
  86. Preferred winter wheel/tire combination
  87. Shifting Techniques & Strategies
  88. Maximum horsepower LTO conversion thoughts?
  89. EGR valve testing
  90. Rear turn signal + tail light combo w/ switchback LED
  91. LTO/Orion2 Integration Notes
  92. recomendations for replacing 12 volt batt
  93. Mod to keep 12 volt battery charged
  94. Atheos LTO Conversion
  95. MotorKote hyper lubricant
  96. HID retrofit update - new ballasts/bulbs (photos)
  97. Cruise Control using IMA and Lithium Power.
  98. Calling Turbo Insighters....
  99. 2005/2006 functional Calpod clutch mod?
  100. Oil Drip-can Location
  101. Who here REALLY believes a viable CONSUMER friendly Lithium option will ever happen?
  102. Must Do Mods for New Owners
  103. Monitoring Coolant Temp....
  104. OBDIIC&C PIC18F2620 programming help needed.
  105. Manual Autostop with no IMA?
  106. OBDIIC&C LCD Source?
  107. ATTENTION! Yes you! Grill block your car! NOW!
  108. 01 IMA battery bypass needed near Miami
  109. Teg
  110. Does a lithium conversion have good resale value?
  111. LTO Testing
  112. LEDs headlight bulbs
  113. Why move from Nimh to Lithium..
  114. A working car on the bench.....
  115. Dash Button Exchange
  116. OBDII C&C Issues
  117. Grid Discharger Recommendations
  118. IMA battery interchangeability
  119. Sourcing steering gaiters
  120. Bad 5-way joybutton on OBDIIC&C? Might just be the 'cap'
  121. Hatchback actuator operation
  122. H/W Way to Read Voltage Taps
  123. Electric Hub Motor
  124. Mods done
  125. New Insight Owner, can you help?
  126. Citrus Gets The Red A$$
  127. Lithium Drop in voltage sizing Q & Peter Perkins response @50s
  128. HCH1 manual transmission installed into an Insight
  129. Using NCP7805TG for extra +5v Source
  130. Contemporary musing on Insight pack and management
  131. Rostra Cruise Control Cuts Off on Hills
  132. Long term TCO (all hybrids/electrics, not just Insights)
  133. JimE LTO Conversion
  134. Mechanic Recomendation
  135. DLC diagnostic connector locations
  136. External charger?
  137. Clarification on discharging and grid charging
  138. Prius Cells - The PROVEN fIX for your insight
  139. Electric pusher trailer
  140. 5 speed transmission oil change
  141. Calb se130
  142. Homemade Center Armrest
  143. Another LTO Conversion Thread
  144. Forced Air Intake Questions
  145. 15 Inch Winter Tires
  146. Gen1 Current Draw
  147. If you sandwiched 2 ima motors between ICE and transmission
  148. 12v battery replacement
  149. Why no superchargers?
  150. Blown 100A IMA Fuse
  151. Voltage dropping on grid charge??
  152. Cooling While Charging
  153. Battery Pack Cooling
  154. Harness for new nemisis/hydra ecu ecm
  155. IMA+ grid charger contact
  156. seat bracket help
  157. What cars share our steering hardware?
  158. K24 Insight Daily-Driver Build Thread
  159. Very High Idle - PCV System involved
  160. Can someone do a quick check of their Gen1...
  161. Supercharging lean-burn
  162. Windshield/roof aero mods
  163. Windshield installation tips?
  164. Can't adjust Hybrid Revolt TPS
  165. Turbo kit parts, what to use ?
  166. Source for connectors?
  167. IMA Current Hacking.. +30% Fixed.
  168. Rear washer nozzle removal?
  169. wire type for running AC power line to front of car?
  170. Where to find stamp on engine block to determine spark plug type?
  171. IMA Install Question
  172. How to remove small rear roof moulding piece?
  173. Safety disconnect in grid charging harness
  174. Replacing an anonymous grid charger with a Hybrid Automotive Prolong
  175. My Build Thread
  176. Interior Lighting Upgrades
  177. Cheap Grid Charger?
  178. Complete flip key?
  179. Yet another Civic 1996-2000 armrest thread
  180. EGR valve replacement / upgrade (wells EGR4201)
  181. About to purchase TSX motor
  182. Olympia-WA Lithium Build
  183. Does anyone have a current OBDIIC&C parts list for Mouser or Digikey?
  184. Ford Escape NiMH Series Parallel Battery Pack
  185. Extra Fan
  186. 12v battery relocation to rear
  187. How I installed Maxx Volt charger gen1
  188. Water Pump and AC Pulleys
  189. Does the BMS ballance the pack or just monitor?
  190. Best method to maintain a new or like "reconditioned" IMA battery?
  191. Replacing Headliner: Any Tips or Suggestions?
  192. Injector Recondition Today
  193. Modify to Full Electric?
  194. aftermarket motor controller, possible?
  195. Off the shelf mounts for K20 swaps, what is out there.
  196. '96-'00 Civic Armrest Mod
  197. Installing OEM Speakers-Does The Whole Door Panel Need To Come Off?
  198. Antenna Curiosity
  199. Painting the wing
  200. Turbo Time V2.0
  201. Installing the windshield - parts?
  202. Tps mod
  203. Cruise Control/Brake Mod v3.0 - Schematic Analysis
  204. Voltage dropping while grid charging
  205. Yet another grid charger build
  206. Grid Charging Harness questions
  207. My transmission swap
  208. Trying to think out side the box ?
  209. Decode serial number on top of prius cells
  210. Adding water to nimh cells
  211. Steering rack
  212. Lithium conversion
  213. Is there 12 volts in the rear of the car ?
  214. Any pictures of transmission removal?
  215. anyone running 15" wheels?
  216. Rostra Cruise control install trouble
  217. Rear Window Wind Deflector
  218. Carbon Fiber Spoiler
  219. Removing Vinyl Appliques
  220. Poor mans BMS / Early intervener on high/low voltage and temp
  221. Suspension options
  222. Seat replacement
  223. Deep discharge experiment
  224. Beginning Build on insight Prius Battery 2
  225. Hand-made Titanium Wheel nuts
  226. Upgrading my insight to use Prius cells
  227. A/F Ratio
  228. Removing antenna base
  229. Free NiMH sticks
  230. Quicker downrevving?
  231. Lithium Chargers and Test Equipment
  232. Which Lithium Solution?
  233. Side Mirror Alternatives
  234. Excellent Book on DIY Lithium Battery Builds
  235. Emissions fail P1565 after warm up
  236. Orion 2 BMS
  237. Heat exchanger camp shower?
  238. Jaycar Display Fuel Mixture Module Hook-up Question
  239. Can you run an inverter off the hybrid pack?
  240. Should I just assume this is a mistake?
  241. Leanburn acting weird.
  242. OEM pack management efficiency: Not so good(?)...
  243. Trailer wiring harness/LED quarter window turn signals
  244. Unhappy IMA battery with 3 duff sticks
  245. Mods to do while windshield is out
  246. DIY Painting an Insight: Is primer necessary?
  247. Using Prius NiMH modules?
  248. The $500 (or less) Lithium Insight HV Pack
  249. Which IMA Battery To Use and Store
  250. Trip reset appears to have failed