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  1. genisis 1 charger support ,questions,
  2. HCH1 Clutch Pilot Bearing wrong size
  3. HCII 2007, fuel gauge issue
  4. Honda Hybrid Wins Austrian F1 Race
  5. Cleaning and Detailing Tweaks and Secrets
  6. Hch inverter pinout
  7. 2009 HCH possible IMA issues?
  8. HCH2 12 Battery dropping - First post
  9. CR-Z son of gen 1?
  10. Honda Civic Hybrid Gen2 won't charge 12V battery
  11. HCH2 Newbie in search of resources
  12. Comments, criticisms and suggestions as I rebuild my pack
  13. PSA Safety warning when working on pack
  14. Shorted the pack, now what.
  15. HCH1 IMA info wanted
  16. HCH on Craigslist
  17. P1587 code???
  18. 2012 Civic IMA light
  19. Alibaba Suppliers for HCH2 Subpacks
  20. Completely Remove HCH1 IMA Battery?
  21. CR-Z 2013+ lithium pack longevity?
  22. HCH I, where are the ground straps under the hood?
  23. Location Of Pressure Control Solenoid C - 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid
  24. 2004 HCH Keeping IMA and CEL light at bay for inspection
  25. Anyone here know anything about VW Jetta hybrids?
  26. Honda Urban EV set for 2019 EU Delivery
  27. HCH2 2006-8 and 2009-11
  28. Hch ii 12v
  29. HCH3 Seat Removal?
  30. HCH2 Battery sticks
  31. What to check when looking at a 280,000 mile 2012 HCH?
  32. HCH 2 Fan Control & Thermal Considerations
  33. Measuring voltage between BCM connector terminals
  34. 2003 HCH1 5MT IMA Engine issue, no Auto Stop, Zero Codes or IMA/CEL Lights
  35. Coolant Temperature Range for HCH1
  36. Saw a 12v Battery Boost marvel.
  37. Help for 2008 BCM Fooler Connect
  38. Limiting regen on 2008 Civic
  39. BCM Lock Out
  40. HCH1 IMA questions
  41. HCH1 alternator
  42. Diy grid charger
  43. Obdiic&c canbus upgrade
  44. No power to the OBDII port: blown fuse?
  45. HCH2 MCM/BCM/ECM wanted
  46. Cheap HCH2 PWM control for grid charger
  47. UK HCH1 IMA Removal
  48. UK HCH2 IMA removal & DC-DC Converter Enable
  49. PWM Settings for DIY HCH II Fan Controller
  50. HCH 2009 IMA reconditioning in progress
  51. How to drive the HCH1 IGBT directly?
  52. Cool versatile tool that also shows live stream IMA data
  53. Clarity vs Accord Hybrid
  54. HCH2 IMA pack cycling/resuscitationattempt
  55. Question about charging and discharging
  56. Lab Power Supply for HCH1, variable voltage, >=10A current
  57. IMA Battery Issue, is it dead? Help needed!
  58. BCM Harness availability
  59. Need to Grid Charge 2008 HCH
  60. 1993 Honda Acura
  61. Need to grid charge my HCH1
  62. 2007 HCH Electrical Problem
  63. HCH 2003 - Dealers who would buy / Options
  64. Which Battery
  65. Hch1 fan controller with grid charger
  66. CVT flywheel wear
  67. HCH II New battery UK
  68. 2017 Honda FCX Clarity info
  69. Questions about 2nd gen Accord hybrid
  70. OK to coast wtih a CVT in neutral?
  71. P1600 & p1633 cel 2003 hch1
  72. 2017 Honda Clarity News
  73. Confusing behavior HCH1
  74. HCH1 more misc questions
  75. Grid charging harness for HCH1?
  76. 2004 HCH1 Heavy Steering
  77. HCHI Coasting in gear with Regen Disabled?
  78. Air Fuel Ratio on HCH1
  79. IMA showing full charge but zero volts
  80. I baked my catalytic converter
  81. grid charger needed, willing to rent, pay for charge/balance or buy your used one
  82. 2003 Civic Hybrid P1600 and P1575?
  83. Mechanics in massachusetts?
  84. 2013 Insight/iPhone 6 USB
  85. 2009-2011 Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Warranty Extension
  86. new to the forum and hybrids need some help
  87. Honda Civic 2007 Hybrid Code P1570 & P0a7F
  88. Grid Charging and Voltage Depression - HCHII
  89. Stick sorting by as-removed capacity testing method
  90. CVT flywheel question
  91. Charging battery outside of car
  92. How many generations of Honda Civic Hybrid battery are there?
  93. 06 HCH trouble...
  94. Tow Bar for HCH1 ????
  95. New to me Honda Civic Hybrid 2005
  96. p1440 p1600 IMA HCH1 problems
  97. Saving an HCH
  98. Dumb charger for Hybrid civic 1 gen
  99. Cut wire for heat sensor strips
  100. Orange connector at the top of the BCM
  101. Honda Accord P1570 Can't Reset
  102. Hard Brake Pedal + Creep Aid Problem HCH1
  103. HCH1 Autostop Conditions
  104. HCH-I weird sound from 5-speed manual?
  105. Measuring internal resistance correctly....
  106. IMAX B6 not fully discharging when safety timer is on....
  107. Reliable source for battery sticks?
  108. 1st GEN Accord Hybrid - Need help to rebalance the battery pack **Will Hire**
  109. HCH-I IMA light + Engine died + Smell Smoke
  110. P1558 no assist/regen on 2004 civic
  111. Air bag recall. Honda Insight - So far so good.
  112. Thoughts on stick level discharge during refurb
  113. HCH1's in Canada
  114. To buy or not to buy hch1?
  115. HCH I failing IMA seems very confused
  116. Honda Civic Battery Questions-Help
  117. Is Accord V6 Hybrid tuned different from normal Accord?
  118. Oil drain valve for HCHI
  119. About time for 3rd set of tires...
  120. IMA or no IMA: the V6 hybrid or V6 nonhybrid (Accord)?
  121. HCH I normal IMA fan behavior?
  122. first positive recal
  123. battery completely dead
  124. 55 mpg from Accord Hybrid (V6 variant)
  125. IMA battery and fan grounds go to the car's frame?
  126. HCH1 & P0135 Air Flow sensor
  127. CVT flush
  128. New IMA battery
  129. Is a hybrid worth it? Doing the math...
  130. Manual Transmission ISB and other MT issues
  131. Longest Lasting Hybrids over 150k miles
  132. 1433 what to do?
  133. HCH1 IMA battery issue
  134. HCH1 Floor Mats
  135. Civic HCH1 - IMA+CEL. Help.
  136. HCH Specific Forums
  137. HCH IMA issues
  138. HCH1 IMA light U0100?
  139. CVT coasting
  140. Honda battery == High failure rate!
  141. Refurbished Battery 1yr anniversary!
  142. normal voltage range for pack removed from car
  143. 2003 HCH with 265,000 miles just finished head gasket, waterpump, and ac compressor
  144. 06 Civic Chugging
  145. Experienced CR-Z owner to help out a newbie??
  146. LED Headlight bulbs viable now?
  147. Max MPG 2005-07 Accord Hybrid?
  148. 2013 Insight Hybrid: USB usage
  149. Good Honda Hybrid article
  150. Advice wanted re: 2006 Civic hybrid
  151. 05 Accord reconditioning with Imax6
  152. CR-Z HPD (factory supercharged)
  153. Civic starting issue.
  154. Body Part 2001 Insight
  155. HCH 1, force deep discharge without special equipment?
  156. New Civic Hybrid guy
  157. Would it be possible to add lean burn to another engine?
  158. HCH1 IMA assist issue.
  159. 2003 HCH with slipping transmission - replace lower valve body?
  160. CRZ owner
  161. HCH1 Commutation Sensor Errors
  162. How to tell if HCH has lean burn
  163. 2013 base model armrest
  164. I need a little help
  165. UK Ebay HCH1 breaking for spares
  166. My HCH1 Hit from the back!
  167. 2003 HCH Turns 300K
  168. HCH1 rear brake pad correct installation
  169. Building a better BCM fooler.
  170. service due indicators
  171. Ima pack turned off
  172. Is your Insight covered in snow?
  173. MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: New hybrid and gas vehicles more affordable
  174. Buy or Don't Buy my Honda Hybrid Insight 2010
  175. HCH2 Ima Battery Reconditioning.
  176. Consumer Reports claims serious IMA reliability problems with Civic hybrid
  177. Should i get a first gen civic hybrid?
  178. Electric bike pack from old IMA sticks
  179. Can the hch1 imac&c prevent battery death?
  180. Uses for old battery sticks.
  181. Blog shows instance of Honda replacing battery without IMA light
  182. Honda Won't Replace Battery Under Warranty
  183. The HCH and its 3 cylinder mode
  184. Sudden sulfur smell = cell venting?
  185. Brake friction reduction mod good for all hondas.
  186. HCH1 New IMA and 12v Battery - still P1449 code!?
  187. Had a good 'drag' test with a new CRZ last night
  188. Hybrid Vehicle Systems Overview and Operation Videos: CVT IMA Prius Volt ...etc.
  189. Evening out TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)
  190. Difference in Observed and Actual fuel consumption.
  191. HCH1 IPU Fan Control
  192. HCH1 2005 Front grille & fog lights needed.
  193. Really need help,04 civic hybrid
  194. HCH1 Inside the IPU and more power.
  195. LPG conversion on a HCH1
  196. HCH1 A123 60ah Pack Install
  197. To buy 1st or 2nd gen Prius?
  198. Newbie HCH 1 Owner.
  199. SULEV Civic - turn on the lean burn?
  200. HCH1 IMAC&C Steering Wheel Buttons
  201. How many 1st gen Civic Hybrids sold?
  202. HCH1 Under Engine Panels
  203. HCH1 UK Manual Lean Burn
  204. HCH1 Tyre Choices
  205. New battery or grid charger
  206. Just bought an HCH1
  207. Honda Previews i-DCD Dual Clutch Hybrid for Small Cars
  208. Drive crz like a G1 insight?
  209. Wayland's EV Insight Status
  210. $600 VW gets over 200 MPG
  211. New HCH1 MPG record!
  212. HCHII NY IMA warranty
  213. New hybrid system from Honda(Finally)
  214. Really nice 50k mile Civic Hybrid manual trans for sale.
  215. Hch2 p0701?
  216. 5-speed civic vs CVT - Which has better MPG?
  217. MPGs: Insight v. Civic Hybrid
  218. How many 1st gen Civic Hybrids sold?
  219. Lean burn in 2nd gen Civic Hybrid?
  220. 06 HCH: Can register it in NY or FL
  221. 2005 Civic Hybrid Battery
  222. Voltage differences in a VOM vs a hobby charger
  223. Options for 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid IMA battery replacement
  224. Need Help with 2003 HCH
  225. IMAC&C HAH Accord Hybrid
  226. Upgraded IMA batteries are available again.
  227. Honda Fit Offers Best-Ever 118 MPG Rating
  228. For those of you who got screwed by Hybrid Battery Repair/Better Battery/Ron Hansen..
  229. Questions regarding 2003 Civic Hybrid P1449-72 IMA code
  230. Lithium replacement pack for I1/HCH1
  231. e.pie DIY detailing thread
  232. IMA Can Bus Communications
  233. Grid charging/balancing the Honda Accord Hybrid
  234. HCH 2003 IMA problems
  235. Imac&c hch1 civic
  236. How to pull the ECU from an HCH1 (w/ pictures!)
  237. Does eco modding increase resale value?
  238. Car sales in the UK
  239. Hondata logger/tuner for crz
  240. not an I2 problem... but need help with a manual transmission
  241. HCHI Intake temperature
  242. HCH1 12v must be very different from the Insight
  243. OBDIIC&C HCH1 Gen 1 Civic Hybrid
  244. Duh! Just found Lean burn after 120K HCH miles
  245. No CRZ turbo :( @ Tokyo
  246. Gen 1 Insight to HCH?
  247. Civic hybrid: rad fan always runs on shutoff?
  248. Hybrid Resale Values
  249. Does the HCH also autostop while moving?
  250. Running the HCH1 without IMA Battery!