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  1. New 2011 Insight Owner
  2. New Owner!! 2010 Insight - BLACK!!
  3. Oil Life Indicator - 1,000 miles and still 100%?
  4. Insight and kids (car size considerations)
  5. WIRED - Insight Sales Grow Significantly
  6. Tested the Traction Control.
  7. Highway Speed Stability
  8. New owner saying hello..
  9. Seat Covers
  10. 2011 Insight LX auto stop
  11. question about the insight
  12. The I2 and the farm equipment
  13. Maintenance intervals?
  14. How Long Will the Hybrid Batter Last?
  15. Bye Bye Insight
  16. From a ___ to an Insight: Feedback
  17. Insight sales up BIG in March 2011
  18. Nitrogen vs. Air in Tires
  19. Ever just drove your Insight like normal or spirited?
  20. What do you think of this cargo mat?
  21. Check Emissions System
  22. Windows rattle when partially opened...
  23. Visor mirrors.
  24. Does a hitch cargo carrier void warranty?
  25. Dash speakers question
  26. 2010 Insight EX - One Month Review
  27. Autostop on a hill and rolling backward.
  28. New here and new to the I2
  29. Rattles/buzz in Nav area
  30. Financing: Are they trying to rip me off?
  31. What should Honda change for 2012 on the I2?
  32. Why did Honda dump Spectrum Pearl white?
  33. 2nd gen price on craig list
  34. Talk me out of a Prius!
  35. Oil change
  36. Insight eating tires? also Oil Change?
  37. Looking to buy this week
  38. Does A/C cause big dip in MPG?
  39. new owner jdm insight 2010
  40. Disaster in Japan: Truth or a bunch of BS?
  41. Another newbie owner intro
  42. I2 article
  43. Anyone have the Zeta Rear Bumper Protector?
  44. New Owner from NNJ saying "HI!!"
  45. USB audio rocks
  46. Questions about Insight
  47. Got a call: Survey about the I2. I told them they are asking the wrong questions
  48. Where to get cheapest OEM floor mats?
  49. New '11 LX owner
  50. Base 2011 Insight--have keyless entry?
  51. new '11 EX intro
  52. DIY Transmission fluid change
  53. new owner intro one extreme to the other
  54. Does our car have a timing belt or chain?
  55. New owner checkin in!!
  56. Question for people with Clazzio seat covers
  57. Recals maybe driving up hills continue/I am renting a prius
  58. This car is big
  59. Scored a `11 EX!
  60. Why no advertising?
  61. Did Honda ever fix Navigation issues?
  62. HCH was on the news today for battery recall, should we be worried too?
  63. New here, thinking of leasing a 2011 Insight LX
  64. Seat Accessory Recommendations...
  65. Bay Area Insight 2.0 Owners -- Bueller?
  66. Negative Recal and Grades after balancing
  67. Pick up my Insight tomorrow. :-D
  68. Just purchased a 2010 EX
  69. Cargo Organizers?
  70. moving with auto stop on
  71. Good Price? ('11 EX)
  72. Would 2010 Fit wheels fit a 2011 Insight?
  73. The washer, 246.5 miles 3 hours and 37mpg
  74. I2 in relation to driven a v8 express van
  75. OEM Alarm Honda Care Cost
  76. Kiplinger's 10 Cheapest Cars to Own - Feb 17, 2011
  77. Where to get a spare key..
  78. Extended Warranty
  79. Question about paddle shifting at freeway speeds?
  80. New owner, excited to see such a nice forum!
  81. To Tow or not To Tow!
  82. New Owner thinking about an extended warranty
  83. Help me get my Insight Please!
  84. New Owner!
  85. Journey MPG Display
  86. advice and questions for my new car research
  87. Is this a good lease offer?
  88. Range reading accuracy
  89. CVT fluid change at 13K
  90. Noob looking to replace radio, tires
  91. Does the alarm always chirp/beep on start up?
  92. forced regen?
  93. Suitable rims size for the Insight
  94. Bouquets and Brickbats for my new Insight II
  95. Mima
  96. Forced regen going up hills
  97. "You Again" movie
  98. 2011 Insight - Black Interior Photos?
  99. dead car/battery
  100. HD Radio, Back up Camera Monitor and CB Radio
  101. Truck box sub
  102. Insight II Production Number (VIN)
  103. Dreaming of a clean Insight...
  104. How much did you pay for your air filter?
  105. New owner, snow, and new tires
  106. Cruise Control vs Hypermiling
  107. Q's about '11 base Insight vs. Fit vs. Scion xD
  108. Low MPG?
  109. First Oil Change - Dealer?
  110. Gen2 Insight owners in Denver
  111. cold!
  112. Econ and non-Econ AC
  113. Fuel Filter?
  114. Flaps in front of the tires
  115. Upgraded to 2011 Honda CR-Z no more Insight
  116. UK Satellite Navigation
  117. List your mileage
  118. I2 owner sees an I1 first hand
  119. I drove an Insight, and I liked it
  120. Stop and Go City Traffic
  121. 2011 Changes...
  122. Sea-side parking
  123. Winter
  124. Demo Model Insight - Your experiences
  125. Lithium battery good or bad?
  126. Thinking about a new insight...input please...:)
  127. Insight fog lights breaking
  128. Rear view mirror shaking
  129. Battery configuration?
  130. I had to switch.
  131. Honda Insight for Australia 2011
  132. Synthetic oil
  133. night time pictures?
  134. On startup Climate Control Display POWERS OFF
  135. Q. Regarding the Nav Sys & ability to turn off turn by turn prompt?
  136. Adding Fog Lights & Remote Starter w/Alarm
  137. Search the iPod if it's plugged into the USB?
  138. Is my climate control display working correctly?
  139. Front plate delete, can I pick up some mpg's?
  140. Letter from Honda Owner Link: Database hacked
  141. Gas at $4.27... and now $4.69 a gallon
  142. Question about New Insight EX
  143. How does your car do when climbing a steep grade?
  144. sudden change in IMA behavior...
  145. How do I delete addresses out of the Navigation ?
  146. I'm going to the dark side!
  147. I-2 storage...
  148. Unintended acceleration thrill ride
  149. Automatic Light Turn off?
  150. Honda Civic LX, Fit Sport, or Insight?
  151. Do you see other I2's in your area?
  152. Lost a key to my Insight already
  153. Question about the brakes & hill hold system
  154. Just test drove a '10 Insight for the first time...breaking was strange?
  155. Voice Command w/ Navigation
  156. Honda Insight 2010 Service Bulletins
  157. Need to take my Insight in for service and don't want to get scammed
  158. New 2010 owner with a few Q's
  159. Anyone seen this video of the Navigation bug?
  160. 2011 Honda Insight
  161. Do I need a cargo tray?
  162. How important is it to completely "cycle" the battery?
  163. Maintenance Question -- Timing Belt
  164. Why Gen2 Insight vs Prius
  165. Clear Bra for I2 do you have one and how much should it cost?
  166. I love SUVs and trucks!
  167. Baby seats work in the 2010 Insight?
  168. I got some new leaves!
  169. AIRCON Performance
  170. Beware of Nav system update disk rip-off by Honday!
  171. AC-Off
  172. 1 man waxing party
  173. Using the electric motor??
  174. Which country is the Insight assembled in?
  175. 20,000 miles service...who went to the dealer?
  176. Sometimes I drive it like I stole it.....
  177. My rattlebox new owner expectations part 2
  178. is 2nd Gen Insight available with manual transmission?
  179. New Owner - Noises and expectations
  180. Decisions, decisions... help me decide!
  181. How much oil does the 2010 insight need?
  182. Leased an insight today :D
  183. HOW MUCH ARE YOU GUYS PAYING FOR 2010 Honda Insight Insurance??
  184. Fuel Fill Door Locks?
  185. Release date for 2011 Insight
  186. Any of you want to get rid of your stock alloys?
  187. People hating on Insight
  188. Great site for desktop pictures.....
  189. Battery life shortened by irregular use?
  190. New to the family
  191. Question regarding long trip maintenance
  192. Top speed and IMA
  193. Gas Milage Reduction
  194. Why no "low washer fluid" on US model I2?
  195. Windshield Wipers
  196. New member... buying an Insight...maybe
  197. C-West Aero Kit
  198. Hail damage
  199. Anyone doing any performance mods?
  200. Factory tint percentage?
  201. DIY First Oil Change Tools
  202. maintenance ?s (fuel additive and tires)
  203. New England winter?
  204. My Insight got rear ended.
  205. First service?
  206. Took my insight from Rancho Cucamonga to Sacramento
  207. Anyone Planning To Install A Sun Roof?
  208. 2nd Leaf Stage
  209. Motegi Wheels - 17" - will track milage
  210. How to adjust the head lights?
  211. Used 2010 Inisght EX
  212. LX "S" Gear
  213. SAHM (Super Atkinson Highway Mode) on the Insight 2
  214. Tire Pressure Drop
  215. 30,000 Mile Review
  216. Dealer Fog Light install issues
  217. Honda Civic hybrids get mpg cut in half after recall reprogramming.
  218. Joining the Honda Insight Group
  219. Pioneer Nav question on I2
  220. Anyone worried about their IMA battery failing early?
  221. Xperia X10 Mini Pro - Insight
  222. Honda's and premature brake wear; Insight no exeption?
  223. Did I get screwed on my lease?
  224. USB --just wondering!
  225. iPhone 3Gs and USB Cable
  226. Paint Protection
  227. USB Iphone 4 integration etc. - New Owner!
  228. Honda Dealer?
  229. Car Vandalized
  230. Sunshield
  231. Popular Mechanics Long Term Test Drive
  232. XM Radio
  233. Matchbox insights are on shelves!
  234. I have it finally!
  235. Got a packet from J.D. Power today...
  236. Trunk pad or how to protect your hatchback door?
  237. Long Trip Experience - good, bad and the ugly
  238. New Insight Owner
  239. Maintenance costs?
  240. Has anybody dynoed the insight...either stock of with the K&N filter
  241. Havent been around much and this is why...
  242. Tinted Windows
  243. Intro: New member & new insight owner
  244. First accident in my 3 month old insight
  245. Brake pressure question from new owner
  246. Proud new owner of a 2010 Insight!
  247. Eco Drive 3rd level - rules are changed?
  248. Got hit by a big rig on freeway today!
  249. How are your tires holding up?
  250. Back-Up Camera?/2011 News.