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  1. Avoid learning stick at store parking lots during the holiday season
  2. Happy thanksgiving
  3. diesel ranks almost as clean as hybrids
  4. 15 year cost of ownership (Cash buyers)
  5. The future of wireless? Moto X, Republic Wireless?
  6. Hybrids don't make financial sense
  7. Free 30 day Android or iOS Navigation app with traffic avoidance.
  8. Need help diagnosing florescent light problems.
  9. Citrus needs braces! LOL
  10. iOS 7.0
  11. Should You Buy an Electric Car?
  12. KBB is damaging the used hybrid market
  13. E-mail notification
  14. PA Sour Kraut
  15. Generac core power 7000w
  16. Newbie, car shopping
  17. Creative Honda video but no insight!!!
  18. hi from a newbie
  19. 120 mph hatchback crash test.
  20. Opinions on the VW XL1?
  21. Insight Artwork
  22. NeverWet is out!
  23. New hybrid???
  24. Noob saying hi
  25. UK HCH1 two forsale on Ebay very cheap!
  26. 2013 Honda CR-Z Review
  27. Battery sizes in series vs parallel arrangements?
  28. Growing grass, no just the green stuff.
  29. Hybrid Engineer Job
  30. Honda Insight Ripoff by Daihatsu
  31. Nexus 7/Droid Autoguide problems
  32. not sure where to start
  33. Bass off/car show Petersburg, VA
  34. SIM Drive 2 seater EV... looks like a super-Insight
  35. Why are Canadian parts prices so high? :mad:RIGGING!!!
  36. Labview Working!
  37. Elio Motors, like non-hybrid smaller 3-wheel Insight
  38. Anyone use the IMA light to there advantage, like on a date?
  39. Bass transducers? The audio ones not the fish ones.
  40. LaFerrari Hybrid with HY-KERS System.
  41. 100 dollar fee for owning a hybrid?
  42. Moderators: A plea for reorganizing
  43. Hello I am new here.....!!!
  44. Other Hawaiian islands worth visiting?
  45. The Soc Song (To the tune of Robin Hood 1950's TV program)
  46. Anyone interested in old records?
  47. So I broke my foot and this transpored
  48. Walk fatboy walk
  49. Cheap hotels in Oahu, Hawaii?
  50. New Year Resolutions?
  51. Scion FR-S Named Car of the Year
  52. possible security breach of this site
  53. Finding terminal voltage for dumb grid charger
  54. anyone else done this?
  55. My suzuki sidekick ljx
  56. Twinkies - $100,000 each
  57. How to tell if a charger or power supply is stackable?
  58. One pissed off Tundra owner
  59. Waiting.......
  60. Another new insight owner - in Canada
  61. Shuttle
  62. Harbor Freight parody ad
  63. Battery charger specs absolute output
  64. The value of my drive just doubled
  65. Nissan Leaf experience
  66. The Stig has a new career
  67. Unwanted time-out
  68. Waving bear video - Insight owner
  69. Who's ready for the 6th Annual Spocom Show ?
  70. Making your own solar panel
  71. Hey Zach From The High Desert Its Greg
  72. Not something you see everyday...
  73. wait to buy insight.
  74. Nothing like a Redneck with a sense of Humor....
  75. Solar light upgrades or battery replacements
  76. Has anyone ordered an Insight from the factory?
  77. Selling a financed car private sale?
  78. Any Cat people out there in LA, CA area who can help a dying vet?
  79. Newbie - taking ownership of 1st gen tomorrow
  80. Would there be a market for a sporty insight?
  81. New member intro & WTB
  82. “Toys for the well-to-do”
  83. Things aren't that bad
  84. Romney vs Obama?
  85. Advice for wind and solar grid tie system.
  86. For those outside of the US, does your community have such a tale?
  87. The CDs I cruse to in my videos
  88. Anti-virus detect bannertracker-script
  89. Do electronics make bird noises?
  90. How did you find ?
  91. Anyone going to JAE this year?
  92. More Excel help? :)
  93. Any Star Trek(or Sci Fi) Fans in here?
  94. Commercial Leasing question
  95. A six letter word for.....
  96. Want to own or live in my old home?
  97. Jon Gomm - Singer songwriter guitar virtuoso fella...
  98. Excel help here too?
  99. A haiku
  100. Excel spreadsheet help
  101. I Just Named My Car...
  102. 401k general info-retirement savings
  103. Solar cell/panel advice?
  104. I purchased an SUV!!! (DUCKS)
  105. V12 model
  106. Anyone with First Gen CRX ?
  107. Is the Citrus Back?
  108. Problem Buying a 2002 Prius (pack condition) that hasn't been driven for 120 days?
  109. Trying to reach management!!!
  110. What I bought with the money ;)
  111. Engineer humour
  112. New Design Mugen T-Shirts - $29 Shipped!
  113. New Job For Me
  114. Any successfull, ready to go EVs?
  115. King Motorsports - Glad to be back as a Sponsor
  116. Civic Hybrid question.
  117. How many Insight Fishermen are there?
  118. My fathers military funeral 9 12 2pm sharp Amelia, VA
  119. Free Google Plus invites. Limited supply!
  120. The Green Channel?
  121. Need help. Converting automatic Insight to EV possible?
  122. A Public Service Announcement
  123. New Prius c
  124. 2012 Toyota Prius v Review
  125. Prius Hybrid Power
  126. Way to go Navy Seal Team Six!!!
  127. Hi from Elkton, MD
  128. Pros/Cons of leasing
  129. Hi Chaps, I'm Back
  130. Got my 1st. Gen
  131. Another new Insight Guy
  132. What am I missing? What's the deal?
  133. Gas prices 3/3/2011 NorCal
  134. 2011 Insight Stolen - Miami, Florida
  135. Any Face Time Users?
  136. Asian Escourts?
  137. New toy for roof
  138. Tron Legacy, don't bother
  139. Good Honda mechanic in the Tampa area
  140. New Guy from Michigan
  141. What do you like
  142. Another gen1 Insight owner
  143. looking to buy a civic HF
  144. Messerschmitt Kabinenroller
  145. Hello from Northern 1st impressions
  146. Engineering stainless trinket
  147. acura parts
  148. How many times do you check ?
  149. Power of dreams
  150. As if getting a ticket was not enough!!!
  151. What's more important to you - MPG or the Environment?
  152. Are you on Facebook? Got any pics of you and your vehicle?
  153. adric22 plug in prius
  154. Honda Parts Bazaar May 2 Socal
  155. SpoCom Show - San Mateo - Sat. May 1st (Northern California)
  156. Great safety tv-spot
  157. Hello Everyone
  158. Εver wondered...
  159. Hi there, from the Netherlands
  160. For 2010...
  161. cabin air filter
  162. Hi from a Corolla driver in MA
  163. <Rant> Lose the extraneous 'o', please!
  164. Help needed from Dublin 6W Ireland
  165. Hey Guys
  166. 3-way crash between a Tesla, a Touareg, and a Prius
  167. Toyota and Slave Labor
  168. Winter drivin'
  169. all SoCal Honda meet
  170. European safety announcements
  171. Battery Back-Pack
  172. Relax a bit!
  173. Greetings from Greece
  174. Why did you buy a hybrid??
  175. Complete lack of love from....
  176. Political Affiliation of Insight Owners
  177. Opinions wanted/needed...
  178. A little fantasy road test
  179. 2006 going strong at 81,603 miles
  180. Electric Vehicles CAN participate in drag races!
  181. fitch fuel catalyst?
  182. Valley Trailer Hitch Sponsor????
  183. Sponsor banner slowing forum down
  184. Good site for used cars and parts
  185. Who watches the Watchmen?
  186. Forum Trash
  187. Ulev
  188. Advert removal
  189. Some Mileage Karma Out There