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  • Stacetta ·
    Hi 3-Wheeler!
    I live in Milwaukee and have a 2000 Insight. I think it is on the second hybrid battery (bought it used). I have the battery overheat code and my SOC went from full to 1 bar. Have tried not to drive much. Not sure what to do next. Any suggestions?
    NorthwestIL ·
    Hi 3-wheeler! Please accept this memo as my offer not to mess the forum up. I am always getting in trouble being on the wrong page or asking the question I should already know the answer to???
    So, I finally got some of my Mike’s stuff put in but have not mastered any operation of them.
    Also, I have put the OBDII gauge in but it sucked my 12 volt or? battery dead. I had to jump it to start. I was really getting discouraged.
    As for the grid charger- Do you run a discharge on yours and how often do you run the charger? Thanks for all the info and help. Rich (northwestIL)
    Billy ·
    Hi 3-wheeler. Sorry, I have not visited this site in quite awhile. But to answer your questions about my 107 mpg trip to Wisconsin, I will post a thread about it right away. So look in the Insight mpg section, it will be there. Thanks, Billy....
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