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  • counterbond ·
    I see on your shopping list for the grid charger to get a 1A fast acting ceramic fuse, but then i see in one of your stories that you were having problems and switched over to a slow blow...?? should i get a slow blow fuse or fast blow ceramic or glass?
    charlieinjax ·
    Art, Are you going to be able to visit the Insight gathering in Mt Dora in June? Would like to meet you. Do you know anyone else in Florida that might be able to join us?
    34stude ·
    hi....this is charlie(34stude)..your picture looks like a fellow that came and looked at my
    2003 insight when I was discusted enough to sell it. thank god I got over that. I live close (Eustis,fl) and wonder if you or anyone in this area works on these beautys?? I have nursed mine for about 8000 miles now by disconnecting accessory battery and
    re hooking which resets the computer..have to do this every coupple hundred miles after
    gen light comes on red and gen stops charging the accesssory battery. would liked to get around this problem and eventually, replace the ima battery with better battery.
    I know so little about this car( and I am a car nut forever) and as long as I can limp in non-ima mode I am happy...drives fine, 60+ in town, 70+ out of town and plenty of pep.
    but would like to have in original ima mode some day. and what is a grid charger?? would appreciate any help you would have to offer...see ya, charlie
    michaeljf1989 ·
    Are you still building the grid chargers, I'm looking at an Insight and I am planning on buying it. I really want to max out my mpgs. I,s also was wondering if you knew anyone else making any MIMA's. I've searched the forums and haven't had much luck.

    Thanks for the help :D

    Lou Okrent ·
    Love the baloons!
    So did you ever get enough parts to put a couple of kits together?
    I'm still "in transition" but have been doing some things with the local renewable energy community & would like to build & install one to demonstrate the advantages.
    Lou Okrent
    hispanicarapa ·
    Hey are you still making the grid chargers? I just got a 2000 insight and the battery has been at 1 bar, I wanted to see about trying to charge it see if I could bring it back. Thanks,

    space cadet ·
    Hi Artric,
    I would like to buy a conditioner from you as they look great.
    Peter Perkins is going to fit it for me as he is also living in Yorkshire here in the UK and it would be a good excuse to meet another owner as I am new to these cars.
    Let me know how and when you want payment as I don't mind paying up front to help with your cash flow on the project.
    My e-mail address is [email protected]
    Good luck with the job hunt,

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