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  • Red Demon ·
    Hey Eli I am in Springfield Oregon , I just purchased a 2000 insight with 212k on the original battery. I have the p1449 code coming up and I think it's a cell and not the whole battery over heating. I reset the post code and pushed the throttle getting on the freeway and the code appeared. However if I cruise the roads and don't push the light stays off. So are you able to help me decide what to do , I mean if it's really an original should I just get a rebuilt or new one and be done with it? I could pull the battery and learn to replace and balance the battery pack but is that what works, or the grid charger balancer system?
    honda ·
    Hi Eli-
    Just picked up a replacement battery from you for my 2000 MT insight, you should have received the core back today. Anyway, when I put it in and started driving it came up to full charge indicated but it doesn't want to get past around middle of band charged after driving for a few days now. I'm getting some mando four bar charging. Is my drive just too tough for the car? Is my motor worn out? Should I grid charge? Thanks
    jharrison ·
    Sorry it took three messages...

    Then tonight the "IMA" came on.

    Do you think it's a death sentence for the battery? Or could something else be triggering it. It really appears to be working great. After I noticed the light tonight it maintained full charge all the way home.

    Any comments or thoughts you could share would be gratefully appreciated.


    Jeff Harrison
    jharrison ·
    A couple of things have happened to my car in the last few weeks. The brakes failed, I think think said the caliper locked up so I have them redone. Prior to that I had noticed the battery not charging properly in city traffic. Since I had the brakes done it appeared to be charging properly and kept good levels.

    A couple days after I got it back from the brake job the check engine light came on and it was a P420 code. They suggested I try running ethanol free premium in it when I have done for the last two weeks. My mileage has been the best ever. Easily avg. 70-75 on the hwy and over 60 in town.

    One other thing happened day before yesterday. I accidentally left the head lights on and the other battery ran dead so I had to jump it.
    jharrison ·
    Hi Eli,

    Will have to send this in two parts.

    I just sent a long message and got an error so I apologize if this is a repeat.

    I have a 2000 insight with 160,000 mi. and bumblebee batter that I got from you, I'm guessing, about 3 years ago. It's given me great service.

    Tonight on my way home the IMA light came on and I'm somewhat perplexed. It shows I have a full charge and I'm getting over 70+ mpg.

    My trip tonight was about 40 mi. on open highway and I watched it carefully and seemed to be working properly. Held a full charge the whole way. At one point I ran it so the battery level would drop and it charged back properly.
    victoro ·
    When you said charge until "Positive Recalibration" did you mean when it started to charge or until it the SOC was full?
    insightfulnoob ·

    just ordered a battery from you guys and one of the forum members mentioned that using mike's dis/charger system is not suggested? just wondering if that were true or not. thanks!
    aw80k ·
    Eli - I have a 2000 insight and have a battery pack with a bad stick (maybe two). The pack is a Honda replacement with about 30K miles on it. Do you know if individual sticks are available? thanks, Rich
    rhall ·
    Hi Eli. Have you given any thought to selling just the sticks. There is a local lady who wants me to recondition her battery but I have told her that I am losing confidence in the red sticks. I could sell her my good yellow stick battery but that leaves me with a red one.
    Rick Hall
    Caledon Ontario, Canada
    Base430 ·

    I posted a thread on IC. And I was referred to you by TopFuelTim. I was interested in purchasing either used cell packs or new cell packs to replace the worn out cell packs that I currently have. I am in the middle of charging and discharging the packs as we type. But, please let me know I am just trying to cover my basis.

    82/ABN-INF ·
    Eli, my name is Kevin and I am a fairly new member here on IC. I am having a problem with my 2003 m/t car. After doing all the maintainence to my car after buying it in Feb. , I also bought a refurbished battery pack from Hybrid- Revolt. After only a couple of months, I started receiving positive and negative recals, eventually resulting in an ima and cel with p1447. Matt at HR sent me an upgraded pack and it lasted about a month and half before doing the same things, except this time I got a p1568. I'm thinking it is a bad bcm or ? After consulting with Jeff, he recommended I get with you. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kevin.
    rhall ·
    Hi Eli.
    I got a 2003 Civic hybrid dumped on me and on initial inspection it looks like it has several bad cells and other cells are poor. Normally I would give him an exchange pack but I don't think his pack is in very good shape and I don't really want it in trade. Of course price is important to him as to everyone but, well, he's 20 years old and it is a rough 2003 Civic with many problems (he got it for $1600).

    He won't be able to buy a set of your batteries but maybe I could swap sticks from one of my Insights and trade up myself. So...... Are you selling individual sticks (20) yet? If you are and have a price, don't include shipping. I can look at that.

    Congratulations by the way. Love the A to B line!

    Rick Hall
    Caledon Ontario
    oregon2000 ·
    I am posting this to let anyone who is interested in reviving an insight battery in their first gen insight to send me an email and I van explain my approach in more detail. If you have had a IMA battery light with codes 1447 I think I can help you get your battery back to functioning properly... I am in the Portland Oregon area.
    oregon2000 ·
    Hi Eli I am a new member and I live near wilsonville I have a 2000 insight 271000 miles it has the IMA light on w code of 1447 I want to do what is best for the car. I am hoping if you have a chance to give me a call at 503-422-0786. I talked with Roy Smith from Washington and he mentioned that you might be in the milwaukie area. Some people have disconnected 12 volt negative then rev engine at 4000 to charge battery a few times...
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