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  • to infinity + < ·
    Hello! I have an 01 Insight pack with some leaky sticks and will be driving through Madison tomorrow, do you sell used/good sticks? Thanks - Jim
    Harborman ·
    Eric: AP1ZE1 sure made some rather abrasive comments my car sale. He doesn’t even know me. Oh well.... Tom
    CharlieDog ·
    Got your message on my cell phone. Unfortunately the car needed the battery pack replaced sooner rather than later. I wound up taking it to Taylor Automotive in Sanford, NC, 250 miles 4.5 hour ride each way.
    They would not however install a grid charger. Do you do that? If so, how much for parts and labor? How long does it take?
    We have not yet decided whether to come up June 1st (my son and I would go to Road America for the motorcycle races) or come up in July for Insight Fest. TIA
    Take care, be safe,
    Larry Hannemann
    Slippery ·
    Hey Eric,
    I'm looking for some advice, and was hoping you could help me out. You mentioned in a post about hooking up a shop light to discharge a battery. Could you give me an idea how to hook it up? I'm making a grid charger and would like to be able to discharge the battery as well. I've done some reading on how to discharge it, like going to different levels of discharge, and not letting it fall below 50v, monitoring the SOC etc. I just don't know how to hook it up:)
    metal_ken ·
    Apparently, you've maxed out your private messages inbox -- I can't respond to you via PM.

    Anyway, as far as the EGR --
    I actually snagged mine from Advanced Auto Parts, this is the exact part:

    Buy BWD/Intermotor EGR Valve EGR1739 at Advance Auto Parts

    There's one by Duralast at Autozone that looks nearly identical to the part I got, its Part #EGR4341.

    Hope that helps.
    NorthwestIL ·
    Hi Eric! What about this next Saturday, Sunday, or Monday ( Oct 6,7, or 8 ) ? They should work for me! My wife usually rules my schedule. Rich Crandall ( NorthwestIL)
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