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    yamato123 ·
    một là học kế toán tại vĩnh phúc
    hai là học kế toán tại quảng ninh
    ba là học kế toán tại hải dương
    tại học kế toán tại cầu giấy
    Chỉ có tại ke toan ha noi , i với
    + trung tâm kế toán thủ đức
    Khai giảng các lớp học kế toán thực tế tốt nhất
    Nhận làm dịch vụ kế toán uy tín
    Honda hybrid442 ·
    Pete,,why is this guy rainex bent on getting me in trouble,,he's excusing me of using inapppporproite language,I haven't even made any comments to him..he put a 10 day restriction of use of the site,,for bump an add,,ok I got that but now he's making stuff up..can you please step in and tell he to lay off me,,he's always made smart remarks to my adds.
    minor4326 ·
    Hi freezin4. Lately I've noticed a (small) number of posts that specifically address the Gen2. Shouldn't those be moved to the other forum? Do you need help to identify some errant ones? John
    insightmobbin ·
    hi Freezin4, I am new to Insightcentral, however i have been on this site many times and found many useful pieces of information. I have a very cool and customized 2001 Insight that a lot of people would really get a kick out of.
    adspof ·
    Just talked with Auburn, Washington Honda and they said the IMA was replaced just 4000 miles ago so i have resisted the Citrus.
    dwrede ·
    Hey Pete, hope you are doing well ! Since I know you lived for a while down in my neck of the woods, have a question. How well do our Insights hold up outside 24 hrs a day? You know I live on the coast with the salty air, hot humid sunny days. Live less than 2 miles from the waterway. I have kept my Insight garaged since I have had it. But it may get booted from the garage this fall. Do have a recommendation for a car cover? I can see a growing need to have to obtain a 3-4 person car for during the week. So the Insight will no longer be the daily driver. That is another concern, sitting a lot. I read on here you need to drive it at least once a week for the battery. It is running great with the replacement MaxIMA battery from Eli, so I hate to have to park it. With gas prices down I know I will take a loss to sell it, so not sure it's future. I have loved owning this unique car.
    WBMartens ·
    Thanks for chiming in on the starting/battery issue with my 2006 Insight. Regarding the "ground straps," what are they, and where are they? I'm getting ready to run out and purchase that voltmeter. Thanks again for the input. Very nice of you.
    weelliott ·

    I have a friend that lives in Mt. Airy that is possibly interested in getting an Insight depending on cargo capability. He is a TV light and sound guy, so needs room for equipment on shoots that are sometimes hours away. So if an Insight could work, it would be an awesome car for him.

    I'm in the UAE for the next three weeks, so can't show him mine. Would you be willing to meet up with him and let him check out your car to see if he wants to pursue trying to track down a good example?

    Thanks again for the shirt. I wear it quite often.

    Have a good one,
    crx_rogus ·
    I guess I'm late paying the $20... I'm working tomorrow, busy early Friday, then making sure I have a tent etc. for Gambrill State Park, might be able to stop by in Red Lion is it?

    What all should I bring along food-wise and whatever else to help with the meet?

    Dakine ·
    Another question for you on the steering wheel replacement process. The attached link shows the steering wheel parts.
    Majestic Honda Steering Wheel image

    My wheel looks like #4 and does not have any of the parts in the upper right of the parts diagram attached. Did you have to install all of the little parts and springs that are u shaped in the diagram? What type of tool was required? The screws are not normal and look to be circular. I am a little afraid to take these parts off my existing steering wheel and put them on the s2000 wheel. Any ideas from your steering wheel changeout?
    jharrison ·
    Hey, Just read a post where you asked a guy if he got his car in Wilmington. I live there and am curious which one you are talking about. I've looked at several here in the past year but WAY over priced. Finally stumbled onto one in Raleigh this past week and was able to purchase it. 2000 MT 70,000.
    Dennis Dauber ·
    Hello, freezin. I just bought a 2000 MT for my daughter. She is elated-the car is solid w/a well cared for 59K miles on it. The only thing that makes the car look like a 2000 are the faded front headlight covers. You mentioned in a post that there is cheap way to fix that. Please enlighten me. Thanks in advance. D
    vikingcz ·
    Hello Pete,
    I didn't found this message till now,still can't used new shape of our forum :)
    Anyway,I will take red one,if still possible.I know it will cost more,but still is much better than new one.So if you can give me expected total price,and I will pay that by paypal(has to be ebay auction,otherwise it can't work between Europe and US).I expect something like 160$ total with shipping and some gas money for your brother,if your brother will ship to me straight .
    Let me know,and thanks again for helping me out...
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