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  • Ambrhltn ·
    Hi, Just wondering what your price is on the silver drivers door (complete). I am in Louisville, KY so an easy drive to Indi. Thanks so much!
    Conozo ·
    When you have time, I am looking for front strut replacement options and wanted to check if you have any junk ones on hand. They can be bad since i will be cutting them open. Let me know.
    galevin ·
    The insight fest is at my house located at
    1042 N 1200 E
    Sheridan, IN 46069
    There is an airport very close to me appx 1.5 mi southwest of my home.
    If you can arrive there it's only 3-4 min from my house but may be strictly for pilots with private planes. I have never used this airport. The name is
    Indianapolis Executive Airport is a public airport at 11329 E. State Road 32, five miles north of Zionsville, in Boone County, Indiana, United States. If you can't land here then you will have to arrive in Indy at IND which is the main airport in Indy which is about 30-35 min away. Hope you can make it. Going to be a one of a kind meet.
    Take care,
    Could I get the address of where the Insight fest is going to be. I see there is an Airport right North of Sheridan IN is this close to you? Thanks Paul
    galevin ·
    Michael, I'm the one with the engine and tranny on ebay. Don't know of any extra trannys around but if I come across one I will give you a heads up.
    vveconvco ·
    I tried to email you a couple of days ago, but I'm not sure you got it. I'm the one trying to find a home for the engine and misc. parts from my 2000 Insight. My phone # is 865-457-5939. If no one answers, leave a phone message and I'll get back.
    Ikkindraw ·
    Thanks - it is a 5 speed. I really would like to get $4K for it. Sorry. Congrats on the new house….soooo exciting.
    parbuster54 ·
    Hello galevin. I see you are from Indy. I am from Evansville. I picked up a red 2000 mt in Indy three weeks ago. I have a 2001 mt silver and a 2004 CVT silver also. Do you still have 5 insights? The next time we are in Indy I would love to see your fleet.
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