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  • rinro01 ·
    HI, I just stumbled over a message you left on the forum regarding your insight and I was wondering is you still have it? I just purchased mine and have 230k miles on it, I drive about 500 miles a week commuting and am happy as a clam :)

    Was wonderign if you would b4e interested in exchanging some knowledge about them?

    Thank you

    - Roland
    k9groomer8157 ·
    My wife got the mpg for the current tank up to 52. She has a long expressway ride from Gilbert to I-17 & Indian School. She's been driving to work without the a/c but with it driving home. Not too shabby. About 13mpg better than our 2013 civic.
    nd4z ·
    Do you have instuctios on how to install a harness to the battery pack for a Gen 1
    2000 Insight? Need help....TNX...Rick
    donsantiago ·
    Hi, my name's Jim and i live in Tucson. i have a 2000 Citrus MT i bought new. it's on it's 4th battery, all under warranty. IMA came on last week after typical slew of recals. unhooked 12 volt and now no IMA or recals for a week, with SOC topped off and trying not to use assist. my registration is up next September and i'm trying to determine a plan of action. any advice on grid chargers or which model to get? there's Re-Volt in Phoenix for a new battery, which would be a last resort. i don't mind bypassing the IMA but would need another plan come emissions time. i thought i'd check with people here in the southwest before deciding what to do. i really like my car and am committed to it and want to keep it going. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Jim 520-401-9782
    Willie Williford ·
    Here is a SM you might get a chuckle out of. When I got home last night I was going to call my daughter to let her know I ws back. I reached down to get my phone from the holster and it wasn't there. Great now what did I do with it? (last seen at the gas station) Searched the vehicle with negative results. Called my cell phone via my land line several times, all went to voice mail. OK In AM I'll call Mark and get the name of the gas station we were at. Didn't sleep to good. Got up this AM and called my cell phone again. This time I heard it ringing....? Found it it my camera carrying case. Don't remember putting it there....ANOTHER SENIOR MOMENT.
    Don't laugh to hard.
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