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  • hanmin ·
    Do you have for sale one of the boards that allow Insight to be driven without the battery pack? I have an 01 insight with a failing ima that left me stranded because my 12v didn't stay charged. Got a new battery and disconnected the BCM and it drove for a day fine but then decided to lose 12v charging on the way home. I tried cutting the two wires and still no 12v charging, will removing the pack and one of these boards help me?
    Ph3n0m ·
    Hey are you still in the battery reconditioning market? I've got a 2000 Insight that just hit the IMA light, code P1447. I bought the car around 110k miles from a guy who said he had a new battery installed under warranty prior to my purchase. That was in December 2010. It's got around 165k miles now. Seems a little early but nothing I can really do, it's out of warranty and allegedly already been replaced. Nothing is wrong with the car, it drives, assists, and charges as normal. Let me know if you think it's worth saving, what the cost will be for whatever I need to do, I'm in Cleveland, OH. The car is pretty jacked cosmetically (all clear coat and some of the color is gone on front half). I am considering just trading it in and moving on to perhaps a 4dr newer insight. Thoughts on that newer car would be appreciated to. My email is [email protected], contact me there if possible or here. Thanks!

    Hugh-Falls ·
    Ron: Are you able to supply the fittings that are welded onto both ends of the battery sticks? Please quote price to Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
    Doc Doc ·
    I'm sitting on the side of the road, freezing. I took out my battery pack for reconditioning with an MRC Super brain. I put the junction board back in and hooked it up, having read on this forum that I could then run continuously with the 12 volt. I was wrong. How do I fix it?
    Mike Shillinger ·
    Can you tell me more about your battery pack repair?...How do I get started...?? I have a 2004 and have gone thru my second battery battery pack from the dealership...

    Mike in Tennessee
    Rush ·

    Good to see you back, hope you can post as you see fit. You have an immense amount of knowledge that is valuable for ALL members.
    jwalker ·

    Do you still have the PDF for the testing steps to determine if a P1166 is a wiring or sensor problem?

    If you do, please send to [email protected]

    How easy is it to replace the bank 1 - sensor 1?

    Remmus13 ·
    I paid the following amounts and have not received a refund. My emails and phone calls have all gone unanswered. I want my money back now as I am not going to be getting the battery I have paid in full for.

    Total: US $1000.00
    Date/Time: 21-Mar-2012 04:17:21 PM PT
    Transaction ID: 4258637927

    Total: US $1365.00
    Date/Time: 28-Apr-2012 05:18:35 PM PT
    Transaction ID: 4341895375

    L. Summer Maffett/Paul M. Eudy
    richhas ·
    Hi Ron,

    I sent you $1000 on May 2 this year on a replacement pack for my honda Insight. You guys told me it would be a few weeks so I just tried to check on the order...

    Can you advise on how you intend to refund?

    Hope all is going ok.


    cyclopsdaman ·
    I am looking to get IMA battery for my car. Can anyone help?? My battery is really really dead now. Tried to salvage the last bit I could for about the last 15,000 miles by reseting the 12v battery every time the IMA would stop working. Used to last 2 months, then 1 month, then 1 week, now I cant go 5 minutes without it dying. I really dont want to spend 1100$ on a used one with 50,000 miles already. Thanks. Email me here or at sinkand @
    TopFuelTim ·
    Hi Ron,
    I hope you do well now. I just heard about your business closing. I am not a businessman, nor will I ever be, so I cannot understand everything that is going on with it. I do appreciate everything you have done in the past. I was counting on a Better Battery in the future, and hope you are able to resume doing that at some point. You have been a huge help to this community. I still wish I had bought your Insight recently, but dallied too long. My fault. Anyway, I hope everything works out ok for you.

    Take care,
    Tim Glover
    rhall ·
    Good luck, Ron. Don't beat yourself up. Get some sleep- you'll think better. Keep in mind this is not the end of the world. I was at a campfire get-together last night and a lady died choking on a marshmallow. Now THAT is bad. Remind yourself that the reason you feel rotten is that you have ethics. No one expects more than that you try your best. Give yourself some credit.
    Rick Hall
    magicallen ·
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    magicallen ·
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    fantasy67 ·
    I have a CVT 2001 insight with 174K miles. I just overhauled the battery. All sticks have >6.0AH with the super brain 989. Now I get all the assist I ever need. Here is the problem. If I let off on the gas and start braking right away I get very aggressive regen. About 75% of the scale. I think the battery is forced over 175V. I some times get blink code 74 (voltage deviation) Will a battery over 175V start the code? Even after a charge with the grid charger it does the same. It will not occure if I wait a brief 2 seconds before the braking. I have the original BCM. Would it be worth trying a later BCM? I got the car in March this year and put a rebuilt CVT in it. The above problem is the only remaining fault. It drives like a new car. I love the gas savings.
    Lowell from Alton, IL
    cvitech2 ·
    Hello, so what are my replacement battery options? What are the costs? and what type of warranty am I looking at for each? Oh and what are the availabilities for each?
    Calpod ·
    Hi Ron, regarding your post

    "I'm looking for a volunteer/victim. I need someone who would like to purchase one of these testing packs and use it for the next few months (and keep it). If it doesn't perform well, I'll buy it back.

    You'd have the honor of having the only one (besides mine) for probably the next 6 months.

    This would be in the next couple weeks."

    I'm interested, how much will the pack cost?
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