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  • Honda hybrid442 ·
    Jeff. Can I get a break on the shipping for the harness and discharger,,you haven't emailed me back on it,,this is my second big purchase from you,,
    ItsMikie ·
    Hey Jeff! I have a 2000 Insight with 210,000 miles on it. I just got a P1447 code. I'm trying to figure out which grid charger I need and the price. Will a grid charger solve my problem and should I not drive it until I get charge the battery? Or would I just be better off getting new batteries? I'm a car geek, but not really up to speed on the hybrids so is it pretty easy to install a grid charger? I'm in Mays Landing, NJ 08330. 609-513-2462
    cltaylor38 ·
    Hi Jeff:
    I did the chg/dischg to 140 v and got 250 mi before IMA light came on.
    This time the batt voltage was 164 when I put the charger on.
    Could my problem be a bad BCM?
    Should I do another dischg and to what voltage?
    thanks in advance,
    Curt Taylor
    2000 mt
    code: P1449
    gjenn12 ·
    Jeff will you be home SAT or Sunday as I have a problem with the new batt installation I have 149 voltage but the check engine light and the IMA both lights come on I think I did everything correct with the tech help on the computer on your web site any how give me a ring or email and let me know if that is convent Jerry
    Cedu4 ·
    Hi Jeff,
    I have a 2000 MT Insight and have problems with the 2nd gear downshift. Car has 141K and I just bought it. How much do you charge for a tranny rebuild? Can you send me a refurbished one and I send you mine; or do you just rebuild existing ones? Shipping to 66213.
    Dreamin ·
    Hello Jeff,

    I have a 2001 Insight with ISB noise. It will also grind shifting from 2nd to 5th at high RPMs (Reving through 1st and 2nd to the speed limit in traffic then shifting to 5th grinds, I have since just waited for wider openings in traffic and shift through all the gears smoother with zero grind)

    So due to the issues mentioned above I have been researching transmissions on the forum and you keep being brought up so I was also curious about the option of purchasing a rebuilt 5sp and sending back mine after the swap? Just wish I had heard the noise before Honda replaced the rear main seal. :( *Grumbles* would have saved a lot of replacement cost. LOL

    Thanks for your time,

    InsightJake ·
    Greetings!, I own a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid and I'm looking into purchasing a Hybrid Automotive, Discharge Ready SC3.0 Grid Charger. What is preferred pricing for members? shipping would be to ZIP 78061 if that helps any. Thank you in advance.
    SLO6-O ·
    Hi Jeff. I crashed my silver 2004 CVT a couple weeks ago (black ice on a bridge). Just bought a silver 2000 MT with only 107,400 (40K fewer than my '04). Two things about my 2000: she grinds downshifting into 2nd and the cat is bad (can't remember the code).
    I've found, after getting advice from Eric EV Powers, that shifting into 2nd works best if I match the engine rpm to the mph and put it in gear without the clutch. OK for now, but whats the fix?
    Next question: Can I use the cat from my '04 CVT on my 2000 MT?
    Thanks, John in Minneapolis
    rusty41251 ·
    Hi jeff. i bought an EGR valve from you and it runs great. i now have 260K miles and my transmission and clutch are really shot. Up and down shifts to second and up shifts to fifth grind. Hard to get into first without stopping. Some whining while driving, and then the chattering clutch. I feel like an old truck driver double clutching all day. So, do you still do transmissions and is it hard ofr a somewhat novice and a friend to change these? I have the car in Hollister. I've never done the struts or any front end work or the motor mounts. Would this be a good time? I am trying to decide whether to buy another Insight. My batteries are shot and I have been gas only for eight months. But if it is work I can do I might go for it with a new BB pack. I will do the work in East San Jose. Rusty Weil rusty41251
    Aspire59 ·
    Hey Jeff; I need some help and I was told your the man to get in contact with for transmissions. Last week I replaced my ISB barring (with thanks to a lot of your posts). The car is running 50% better. Problem is it's still grinding... Symptoms are grinds when under load, and when in neutral :(

    Here is my reference post:

    My first guess was axles but being that it's in neutral? /shiver
    uhtrinity ·
    I was just reading about the work you have done on the transmission dealing with the 3rd to 2nd downshift. Have you verified that grinding down the clocking tab is a work around to buying the 2nd gear Set? if so, are the clocking tabs the ones pictured in this pic? I will be doing an engine swap in a few days and would also like to take care of the 3rd to 2nd shifting problem. If converting it to a one cone tranny works I'm game.

    Thanks, Mark
    randallthirteen ·
    Hey Jeff! Rick Hall sent me an email regarding an egr replacement. I ripped apart the guts opening mime today. He said 1998-2004 accord 2.4l had a direct egr replacement. Did he mean the 2.0l or the 2.2 l or is there a 2.4l I'm not aware of? Thx from Randall in Calgary Alberta
    Need4Speed ·
    I assume the speaker grills you have are the tan color. Is there a difference between the front door and rear panel grills and the piece they mount to? I assume you have the back mounting piece that the grills mount to. How much shipped zip 60098 for them?
    isjay ·
    Hi Jeff, I saw in a post today you had an Insight you were working on/trying to sell. May I ask for a few details... year?, 5-spd/auto?, miles?, battery condition?, asking price?

    Thanks in advance, Jay
    gjenn12 ·
    Jeff you going to be home SAt would like to pick up the seat cover or if some one wants to buy it sell it for me thanks Jerry
    Bhote ·
    Jeff, I'm not sure, and had better do more checking. Autozone read the code P0420 (but just now I see they wrote in Toyota mistakenly) with a few probable causes, ... if it does turn out to be the one you have, what would you charge for it and sipping to ME 04981?
    Ryan_C ·
    I need front strakes, metal cover under there as well. The other 2 small covers too. I need the passenger side longer cover that stretches under the seat back to the rear wheel well. Let me know what you got and a possible price.
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