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  • jime ·
    Hi Drew,

    MPG are highly dependent on driving technique, climate, driving conditions, and sometimes on modifications.

    I created a 4200 character document to offer what I know, but I can't post it since I'm restricted to 1000 characters.

    If you would like to have the document, please forward me your e-mail address.

    Jim Epting(jime)
    drewbplayer ·
    Hey Jime,

    My name is Drew and I got your screen name from a guyed named Sean. I was informed that you own a 2006 honda insight and live in VA.

    I just bought a 2006 honda insight and have been experiencing some issues with MPG and wanted to run it buy you.

    Here is what I have,

    2006 with 63,000 miles 45 psi all the way around just added injection cleaner. Replacing spart plugs tomorrow and took out some added weight.

    I was informed that I may have an ERG problem or binding brakes issue. I do experience some jerking from time to time.

    I wanted to see how you increased you MPG and what issues you found. Sean told me you have similar issues with you insight when you first purchased it.

    My average LT mpg is 66 however I am getting in the mid 50s.


    Right Lane Cruiser ·
    For item one, just start out grid charged and do the acceleration tests with assist in the gear dictated by the ODBIIC&C guide thread (which I printed out for reference).
    For item two, I'd do a discharge using assist until it won't go any further, then reset the SoC to medium via the gauge and do it again. If it doesn't do a negative recal, do it again. Once it does a negative recal immediately you are ready to grid charge (you won't be able to keep it from force charging some on the way to your garage once you hit that level unless you floor it, but that's okay.). That will get you a safe discharge of the pack to the point of a low voltage trigger point.
    Right Lane Cruiser ·
    Hi, Jim! Yes, the SG is a bit inadequate and I have to say this OBDIIC&C gauge is simply awesome! It isn't as polished as the SG but it has all the info we've been missing about the hybrid functions! :D
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