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  • magicallen ·
    The most helpful as well as up-to-date information I found on that subject. Jordans SneakersIndeed pleased that I foundd your webpage by accident.supra sport I will be opting-in to the feed in order that I will have the newest updates. Truly appreciate the information here.
    ozzies ·
    Good morning,

    I was with Peter Perkins last week having Mike D.'s gridcharger fitted and he suggested me getting in touch with you.

    Basically I am electronially ignorant and I want a MIMA on my car. Peter says he will fit the back stuff for me but not the front stuff cos of age ie. bad back etc. I am even older and even worse back!

    As you have done your own Peter suggested that you might be prepared to fit the front stuff for me. Obviously not for nothing , a mutually agreed fee! I would come to you.

    Anyway I hope you do not think this is too cheeky.


    Willie Williford ·
    If you want some pictures of carbon build up at 89K+ miles. Send me a valid E mail (other than ICN site, as I can't download pictures there) and I'll send you some. (Replaced a leaking head gasket at the time)

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