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  • [email protected] ·
    Scott, Good Morning.
    Thank you for your kind words the other day. I appreciate what's happening on this site and the commitment the members have to this little gem of a car.
    Having been in the "service business" I too have had customers like our "friend". I grew 3 blocks from Indiana University and encountered people that felt like they were better, smarter, stronger than everyone else because of the letters after their name. Granddad used to call it "so smart they can't pour p*ss out of a boot with instructions on the heel". Anyway I continue to search for my Insight. I am looking at one in corrosion prone South Bend In. It has your belly pan on it. I'm still considering jumping on an cheap flight to Florida and buying one there to drive back. Thanks for all you contribute here, I'm learning alot reading all the past and current posts.
    Happy Motoring!
    J.B. Young
    NathanRatPatrol ·
    Hi! I was advised by member Jesse to contact you about my rear hatch issue. Nothing happens unless I jumper the ORN(pin 3) to the BLK(pin 6) bypassing the hatch unlock switch. Then the TLC just whirs, which is an obvious fix. Have you run across failed Hatch Lock/Unlock switches, or is it something I can clean? I haven't disassembled anything yet, waiting for the TLC to show up. ASE Master Mechanic here, btw, just never worked on an Insight until one was given to me in November
    Nathan Moore,
    JoeBicycles ·
    Hey Scott, I bought a 2004 Insight in phoenix a couple months ago somewhat impulsively. It's a CVT but I'm ok with that for now. Everything seemed great when I test drove the car. IMA fully charged, no check engine light. then a couple days after I got it home the CEL came on, and then a day or two later the IMA light came on and now I'm sort of lost about what to do. A couple of people on the 1st Gen forum support me taking the car to you and spending the night. I'd like to learn more, I'm a mechanical engineer and I have reasonable skills with tools but I don't want to make big errors with the battery, grid charger, etc. Any initial advice on skilled people in Phoenix ? Or when should I drive to Covina to see you? Thanks, Joseph
    BongoBennie ·
    Hey, good talking to you today... I went out and gave the car a good evaluation and I think I'm going to ask for just a silver hood and any color core support.
    Quackman40 ·
    Hello Sir,

    Stuart here in Maryland. Thanks for replying to my suspension repair thread. So are you the guy who runs Hybrid Revolt??

    I need a pair of the Gaz shocks. So if I send you $240 on paypal, you can ship em out to maryland for me?? I haven't used paypal in a while but should be able to figure it out.

    Thank you. Youre saving me 100 vs what I saw on ebay.
    2000silverstone ·
    Hi Scott,

    I am looking for the a-pilar moulding clips. Just wondering if you had a set available and could ship to Vancouver, Canada.


    [email protected]

    Also interested in floor mats/cargo mat or rear speaker grills and base if you have anything
    rathacat ·
    Hi Scott,

    I am interested in your aluminum belly pans. I live in Patterson, CA (Modesto area) and have 2 gen 1 Insights, a 2000 silver (Typhoon) and 2001 blue (Hurricane). We live in a rural mountain area with dirt and gravel roads, which has been rough on the OEM belly pans. The 2001 blue has lost most of the pan in front. I'd like to fit that one first, see how things go, then fit the silver. Can you give me a price quote for both, including shipping?
    Thanks in advance.

    Zedifier ·
    Hi Scott, I'm interested in purchasing your trailer hitch. I have a '01 Insight (CVT). Mostly looking to use it for a bicycle rack, and occasionally a 1-spot light-weight motorcycle trailer.

    If you would be willing to bring it and install at InsightFest 2018 in Madison, WI, I will be there for that, and I would be happy to pay you for your time as well.

    If you already have a full schedule at InsightFest, then I would be willing to pay shipping to Appleton, WI 54914
    YogiMac ·
    Hi Scott, I spoke with you from Detroit. I have an issue with my check engine light continuing to come on even after brand new NTK upper and lower oxygen sensors and new master and slave cylinders. The mechanic did discover a leak around a rusted fuel line but repaired that. After driving about 70 miles the check engine light came on again, but no leak at repaired site. Any ideas??
    russellc ·
    Hello Scott. How are things going with you? Hope you and your wife are doing well.

    Anyways, I am interested in a installing a trailer hitch for my 2002 Honda Insight CVT. When I went to the Insight meet in Frederick, MD last month Peter and a couple people had a trailer hitch for their cars. Plus, I remember you installed one for someone during the last InsightFest meet at Gerald's house. Do you happen to have an extra one on hand? If not where can I find one?

    The reason why I need it is because I want to install a double bicycle rack for my wife and oldest daughter. They like to go bike riding sometimes. If you have one, I can buy and pick it up from you at the next InsightFest event in Wisconsin. I plan to go to that event.
    tliving2 ·
    I am interested in your Aluminum belly pans +hardware, I recently acquired a 2002 CVT Insight, curious about approximate cost and shipping? Thanks in advance, Todd (45243, Cincinnati, OH)
    JViel ·
    Hi Scott,

    I was wondering if I could purchase one of your aluminum belly pans (MT+hardware). I was wondering if you could add me to the list.

    If there's any chance of you rushing it, I'd be glad to pay a little extra. It's started snowing where I live and I have a wheel well liner out that I'm waiting to put back until I have underbody panels to secure everything.

    Please let me know. I'll try to check the "1gen Insight Aluminum belly panel" thread and my private messages regularly. Thanks!

    Bad Vibe ·
    Hi Scott, been watching your you tube's and seeing some threads pointing in your direction for suspension and maybe an under shield

    what are your prices and or recommendations
    for the rear springs, rear shocks, possibly front springs,
    (although I may have some toyota matrix springs and rear sway bar sitting around would that work for anything?)

    may also be interested in the under shield
    Prices shipped to NY 11720 Commercial address if it matters

    any other recommendations for 2000 5spd all stock besides stereo and MaxIMA battery?

    was planning to get the manual IMA obd c&c at some point

    [email protected]
    ghillie ·
    Hi Scott - are you able to ship to Australia? I'm particularly interested in the new front springs you're working on. Thanks - Andrew
    Toby ·
    Hello Scott,

    I just bought my first Insight, a 2000 MT. I'm interested in a belly pan immediately and probably a transmission replacement eventually. Are you still selling these items?

    I live in Kansas City, MO

    [email protected]
    OceanBoy ·
    Just talked several days ago,this is Dan from Okinawa,Japan(OceanBoy) Please put in my order for 2 Belly Panels with hardware. Really enjoyed talking with you and looking forward to meeting all the Guys at Gerald's!! Thanks in advance.
    OceanBoy ·
    Hello Scott,is the belly panel still available?? If so,like to order 2 with hardwares. Thanks in advance,Dan East-Coast (804)502-2737
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