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  • RyanTetz ·
    Hey Scott. I've been reading the threads and recently have been learning to drive a 2001 insight. So far I really like it. I saw here recommended to contact you for info on the front aluminum aero pan options possibly. I'd be interested if you are still doing this. Thanks! Ryan Tetz - [email protected]
    rathacat ·
    Hi Scott,

    I'm still looking for a 5-speed manual transmission as a spare, and I figured I'd get it from you, since you're in California. Sent you an email, but I guess you're busy. Please PM or email me back. [email protected]
    javi4989 ·
    Hey Scott, hope u been well. I may buy my second 2001 insight but it looks like it has transmission problems. I was just wondering how much would u charge to rebuild or or replace it with a used one. Is an automatic. Thanks
    prum ·
    I just ordered new front struts for both my insights I'm restoring, and I want to put new, better springs on too. Are the best ones Corolla rears with 1 and a half coils cut?
    mefla ·
    Hi KLR3CYL - I heard from Balto that you do transmission rebuilds for the Insight.

    I'm "resurrecting" my 2000 MT. I've done the catalytic converters (up and downstream) and am replacing the battery this week. If i can get the battery replaced, clear the codes and get the car inspected, I'll have it back on the road.

    The transmission has the classic synchronizer problem - seen when you downshift to 1st and 2nd gears. I'd like to solve that problem. I heard on the forums that you rebuild transmissions for $750.

    If I wanted to get your help fixing this, how best could I do that? I live in North Carolina, which is the "wrong coast", I think. :)

    Thanks for reading;
    James Brigman, aka "mefla"
    gjenn12 ·
    Have your customer make me fair offer I now realized I paid probley too much for it need to move it
    galevin ·
    Here is the Mt tranny I bought a few mo back that is near mikes
    5SP Manual Transmission (2000-2006)

    SOLD For Sale: 5SP Manual Transmission, including fly wheel, for 2000 Honda Insight (fits 2000-2006). Sold as is. Worked fine when removed (bit of the classic Insight “crunchy syncro” downshifting...
    Seller says he's 30 min from Mikes. We need to pick it up and I will ship home
    davenm ·
    I previously inquired about an aluminum underbody panel and the possibility of bringing one along when you visit Sam in Albuquerque. If you still have some springs left, I would like a pair of those as well. Please let me know the total and when you plan to be in Abq.
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